Thursday, August 22, 2019

Appreciation Dinner More Delicious,
As Enthusiastic as Ever; Charlie Nunnenberg Awarded Silent Hero

The line has formed, as shown above, for the hors d'oeuvres just prior to the dinner.

Charlie Nunnenberg is pictured above with his Silent Hero award.

Kathy and Bill Schaefer award Sue Russell, Director of Asbury Retreat Center,a new award known as the Good Neighbor Award. A very valuable relationship has developed between the Institute and the Retreat Center and it shows best in the Silver Lake Experience, a cooperative, biennial event.

M.C. and Outgoing SLI President Bill Schaefer (on the right) invites new SLI President Kevin Colburn (on the left) to come forward and make remarks to the SLI dinner guests.

Jill Knitter receiving
her Silent Hero Award.

Suzanne Trich Bristow's Silent Hero Award is accepted by the one who nominated her for the award, Nancy Culley Sellar.

Lisa Schiske just prior to her receiving the Silent Hero Award for all her behind the scenes work on behalf of the Institute and its community.

Greg Franklin, having received his Silent Hero Award moments earlier, is shown above celebrating with his table-mate, Charlie Nunnenberg, as they pose for this memorable picture of both.

The following are those who nominated persons for the award:

Nancy Culley Sellar nominated Suzanne Trich Bristow.

Cindy and Tom Adams nominated Charlie Nunnenberg.

Loren Penman nominated Jill Knitter for the award.

Dick Lee and Mollie Anthony
nominated Lisa Schiske for Silent Hero.

ATTENTION READERS -- You may have been lucky enough last night to get on this site while most of the photos and story were "working." By midnight the entire story and all of its photos were eliminlated in total by a stray, gremlin-like code which prevented them from being seen or accessible by the site manager. They became temporarily "lost." We believe we have now recovered 100% of what was lost and are seeking to fill in any remaining blanks. Here is a summary:

Receiving Silent Hero framed Award Certificates were: Charlie Nunnenberg, Suzanne Trich Bristow, Jill Knitter, Lisa Schiske, and Greg Franklin.

A New Award, the Good Neighbor Award, was awarded to Sue Russell, the Director of the Asbury Retreat Center.

Charlie was nominated and introduced by Cindy and Tom Adams. Suzanne Trich Bristow was nominated by Nancy Culley Sellar. Jill Knitter was nominated and introduced by Loren Penman. Lisa Schiske was nominated and introduced by Dick Lee and Mollie Anthony. Greg Franklin was nominated and introduced by Lisa Schiske. Sue Russell was nominated and introduced by Kathy and Bill Schaefer.

Sharon Pratt, chair of the Epworth Hall Committee, stood right before closing, and announced that special thanks needs to be offered to Bill Schaefer for all he has done and all the time committed for the Silver Lake Institute. She was very warmly applauded.

Loren Penman stood immediately following closing and reminded us that the Season had not yet ended and we should remember the Don Thomas Concert tonight (Friday) at 7:30 pm at Epworth Hall.

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