Monday, August 5, 2019

A Sense of Pride Begins to Emerge in SLI's Ames Av. Walkway Neighborhood since Walkway Signs Posted Mid-July

Residents of the Institute have been pleased by the quality and appearance of the new Ames Ave. Walkway's new summer signs which managed to get posted about mid-July. In addition, the walkway has been maintained with lawn mowing, bushes clipped, holes filled in, and leaves and weeds taken up. 

The immediate motivation was to be ready for the many friends and guests of the Silver Lake Experience (SLE). Even before the SLE was scheduled the neighborhood was enjoying a safe walkway which is away from speeding traffic, bends in the road and a municipal street without sidewalks. 

The walkway crosses two dead-end residential streets--Haven and Hamline -- with traffic limited to the few homes located on those streets. Neighborhood cars are yielding to pedestrians on those rare occasions in which they encounter them. The walkway priority is designed to be effective from each July 1st through the Labor Day Holiday. 

At least four Ames Ave. Walkway homes keep their own gardens facing the walkway neatly cared for, in their best efforts to help beautify the walkway and neighborhood. The length of the walkway is a little too long to expect Institute funds to beautify this length, so it remains up to individual property owners to whom we express our sincere appreciation. 

One neighborhood cottage is no longer resided in. Another has been left to deteriorate except for an occasional action to keep zoning officials off their back. Nevertheless, we are committed to the improvement of our neighborhood and continue to seek ways of overcoming any and all obstacles. Keep using Ames--which is one of the most beautiful things you can do for Ames ... a walking neighborhood is a happy and beautiful neighborhood.

The new signs are made to be removed by the Groundsman in time for the fall, winter, and spring months. Walkers are still welcome to use the walkway, but may encounter from one to three cars parked partially on the walkway which walkers will have to walk around.

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