Wednesday, August 28, 2019

32 Residents, Including 5 Children were Present at Dessert on the
Dock, the Last of the Season

Long Time and All 'Desserts on the Dock' 
Participants wish to Express their Deep
Appreciation to Cindy and Tom Adams
and to Julie Hoffner of the Program
Committee for their commitment 
to Desserts on the Dock!

It wasn't planned that way, but it turned out to be more of a Pie Tasting Event than anything else. There were, of course, other fantastic varieties of sweets, but the pies were outstanding, especially for a day when the evening developed a cool breeze after humid warmth during the day. Pie seemed SO appropriate--Concord Grape, Apple, Peach and Pumpkin. Among the other sweets were Rubarb Pudding Cake, Cream Cheese Roll, double chocolate cup cakes, and the hot coffee was well received. Both children and adults alike had a good time even beyond the munchies.

Christian, (girl), (father and son)                    .

Linda and Pete Mairs, Nancy and Bob Sellar, ( ... )

Don Weaver, Suzanne Bristow, Barb Weaver, Jullie Hoffner; Cindy Adams, Barbara Bruce, Larry Beman.

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