Monday, August 26, 2019

2020 Worship Services will be Located at the Dock except for Rain, at Hoag; 'Celebration of Lives Lived' at Epworth

Spiritual Life Committee Meets for 3 Hours,
Splits Up Job Responsibilities for 2020
Season; Prepares Budget Estimate

As any pastor can explain, there is much more to the preparation for Worship than initially meets the eye. This is also true of spiritual growth opportunities and the nurturing-outreach ministries such as illness, death, emotional stress, loss of employment, moving in or out of town, job promotion or demotion, struggle within a marriage--each of these requires having someone on whom to call

So it is also when the Spiritual Life Committee considered all of the recommendations which have been received both in writing and verbally as they examined what it was that people needed and wanted to meet their summertime spiritual needs and even considered the wintertime needs also. One of the top priorities expressed by worshipers was setting one basic location for worship and only changing it in case of rain or rain with a high number in attendance.

There is no doubt that people enjoy the Dock services and the view of the Lake as they worship and seek God. It really didn't take much effort to make the decision that the Dock would be the primary location of worship services held at SLI in 2020. In case of rain and based on the number of persons present at the service, the decision will be loudly and quickly announced as to whether to retreat to Hoag for a smaller group or to Epworth for a larger group.

A young adult mother with 2 children asked if, as a visitor, she could give an opinion. She first of all expressed how easy it is to care for children when the service is at the dock. She then told us that Stoody does not lend itself well to children, strollers, wheelchairs or even walkers. Joan added that it does not accommodate us well for refreshments after worship either. 

A discussion began on Hoag and it was discovered that Hoag held more possibilities than Stoody for a children's area in the back room. It also offered greater potential for an expanded bathroom in the side room with the current old sink. The Committee may propose that we get permission to look into this and Suzanne Bristow will be our contact person including possible architect and raising money to fund it as handicapped accessible.

It was unanimous to keep the Opening Service (sometimes referred to as the Kickoff of the Season) and the Closing Service basically in the form currently employed. The same was true for the Memorial Service except for the name to be changed to "Celebration of Lives Lived." All other worship services will utilize a basic Order of Worship (or outline of worship) on one side of a half sheet of paper with Announcements, Events and Activities on the back side of the paper. Some weeks may have a special theme or emphasis or musical guests which would replace the traditional sermon.

On weeks where there is no special emphasis or musical guests, the order of worship will continue to include a prelude and postlude, and hymns or praise songs. Music will always be a part of the SLI worship experience.

Eleven members of the Committee include: Rev Doug Wilson, Convener; Joan Maddison, Representative to SLI Board; Rev Don Weaver, Rev Larry Beman; Rev Greg Franklin; Rev Sue Walters; Suzanne Bristow, Secretary and Point Person for Potential Upgrades to Building; Julie Hoffman, Organist & Sunday Morning Coordinator; Barbara Bruce, Muriel Small, and Barb Weaver.

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