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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Artisans on the Green Maintained
a Steady Stream of Visitors on a
Mostly Sunny, though Cool Day

This year is the first for providing the community with a full array of Artisans able to present their arts and talents in a beautiful outdoor setting. Previous years, a very limited number of Artisans would present in Hoag Gallery. Visitors came in low but steady waves providing a very comfortable pace and enabling everyone to enjoy their time in the sun and within a stone's throw of the Lake.

A popular stop was the west lawn of Hoag Gallery where Asbury Retreat Center had set up a hot roast beef sandwich and potatoe salad lunch. Within feet of that was located Yummies Ice Cream with both basic flavors and a couple of amazing flavors which became the talk of that area.

Discussions have already been taking place as to lessons learned, how to make this event bigger and better, how we might raise funds (such as a table fee) to help cover expenses (such as printed signs and other miscellaneous).

For candid shots of 16 of the 19 Artisan participants, click the "Read More >>" below:

Hefty Attendance at this Morning's Last SLI Breakfast Cafe for 2019 Season; Emphasis was on Hispanic Cuisine

The Chuck Dusels (left) and Kevin Colburn, New SLI Board President
Your SLI Breakfast Hosts for August 31, 2019

For miscellaneous attendance shots, click on "Read More..."

Our Park is a Busy Place
Most Hot Summer Days

Burt Park Photo by Nancy Culley

Burt Park Photo by Nancy Culley

Last Breakfast Cafe of 2019
Season for SLI Residents
Stoody Hall from 8-10

Last Hot Dog Fellowship of 2019
Season for All Lake Residents After
Worship at the Blue Dock at 10:30 am

The Blue Dock is located at the foot (western end) of Wesley Ave. at Lakeview Ave. Rain location: Hoag Gallery First Floor (diagonally across from Blue Dock).

Adult Wheels Parade: 1 pm (Dock)
Decorate your Golf Cart, Scooter, Jeep, Wheel Chair or Walker!

Friday, August 30, 2019

129 Including 6 Children Come Out
to Hear a Big Variety of Music
by the Batavia Brass Society

Two Trumpets, 1 Trombone, 1 French Horn, 1 Tuba, and 1 Percussion on Drums. Band irony: No current band members are from Batavia.
Songs Including:
Classic Piece
Yesterday (Beatles)
She's Leaving Home (Beatles)
Theme of 1984 Olympics
In the Mood (Glen Miller)
Bohemian Rapsody (Queen)
     Audience Members - If you can think of other songs they did, email me: gregfranklin14549@mail.com.

Following a Standing Ovation, they played an encore: The Final Countdown is a song by Swedish rock band Europe, released in 1986. Written by Joey Tempest, it was based on a keyboard riff he made in the early 1980s, with lyrics inspired by David Bowie's "Space Oddity."


FRIDAY 8/30 -- 7:30 pm

SATURDAY 8/31 -- 7:30 pm

SUNDAY 9/1 -- 10:30 am

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Marine Trades Association of
WNY Launches WNYBoating.com

BUFFALO, NY – The Marine Trades Association of WNY is proud to announce the launch of an all new website, WNYBoating.com. Designed by agency of record, Trellis Marketing, Inc., this new site adds much more boating content in addition to details on the 2020 WNY Boat Show.

“With the increased popularity of the local waterways, we felt that it was the right time to provide a resource that would help Western New Yorkers make the most of their boating experience” relays Shawn Conschafter, President of The Marine Trades Association of WNY.

WNYBoating.com is the premier website and resource for all things boating. New and savvy boaters alike are encouraged to visit us online and gain the knowledge and expertise of all The Marine Trades Association of WNY has to offer. For those that love to cruise on the waterways, you’ll find an interactive map of destinations like yacht clubs, gas stations, marinas, and restaurants. For someone who wants to learn more, the website also features an on-the-water dining guide, safety tips as well as dynamic, timely blog posts. Whether you’re a new boater, a long-time boater, a speed boater or a paddle boarder, WNYBoating.com is the place to be! Happy cruising!

Survivors Committee to Consider Being 'Coordinating Resource' for New
'Night Out' Experiment

In addition to this year's Mid-Winter Pizza Party and the new Fall Event tentatively scheduled for November, the Survivor's Planning Committee (SPC) at its September meeting will be discussing serving as a coordinating resource for a requested "Night Out" suggestion. This idea would be almost the direct opposite of the current top-down planning used in our current gatherings.

Each individual, couple, or family is being asked to consider what their three favorite things to do are. It doesn't have to be three, it can be more or less. Once you agree on your favorite things, email your name (individual, couple, or family) and the list of your favorite things in your order of preference to gregfranklin14549@mail.com. 

The Survivors Committee will then maintain and email a list of all the favorite things and the individuals, couples, and families that enjoy doing them. The list will be two-fold--both a list of names following by favorite things, and a list of favorite things followed by names. You will be updated each time an individual, couple, or family send in their name and favorite things to do.

This listing will provide you the opportunity of finding people you would like to spend time with, or finding your favorite activity and finding out who else has those same interests... a good combination.

Examples of favorite things: Card Games, Watching Pro Sports, Playing Chinese Checkers, Going to Local Sports Games, Playing Miniature Golf, Going out to Eat, Going to Pro Sports Games, Going to a Theater Event, Going to the Perry Brewery, Going to a Concert, Wine Tasting Event, Just Friendly Conversation (with or without refreshment), Walk the Silver Lake Outlet Trail, Invitation to Enjoy your Favorite Dessert made by someone else, tossing around a football or baseball. Now come up with your own unique interests.

Along with this list of favorite things and others who enjoy them, SPC will publish and email events in Perry and Warsaw about local events including the Letchworth schedule, the Wyoming County Council on the Arts schedule, and the schedule for High School Musicals.

If you are excited about inviting another individual(s), couple(s), or family(ies) to join you in doing one of your favorite, then let us know and we will list you as a willing or eager "host." A host then invites one or two individuals, couples, or families to join them in doing their favorite thing(s).

  • Friday, Benefit Concert
  • Saturday, Artisans on the Green
  • Sunday, Closing Service (rain: Hoag)
  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    32 Residents, Including 5 Children were Present at Dessert on the
    Dock, the Last of the Season

    Long Time and All 'Desserts on the Dock' 
    Participants wish to Express their Deep
    Appreciation to Cindy and Tom Adams
    and to Julie Hoffner of the Program
    Committee for their commitment 
    to Desserts on the Dock!

    It wasn't planned that way, but it turned out to be more of a Pie Tasting Event than anything else. There were, of course, other fantastic varieties of sweets, but the pies were outstanding, especially for a day when the evening developed a cool breeze after humid warmth during the day. Pie seemed SO appropriate--Concord Grape, Apple, Peach and Pumpkin. Among the other sweets were Rubarb Pudding Cake, Cream Cheese Roll, double chocolate cup cakes, and the hot coffee was well received. Both children and adults alike had a good time even beyond the munchies.

    Christian, (girl), (father and son)                    .

    Linda and Pete Mairs, Nancy and Bob Sellar, ( ... )

    Don Weaver, Suzanne Bristow, Barb Weaver, Jullie Hoffner; Cindy Adams, Barbara Bruce, Larry Beman.

    Last Friday Night Concert of the Season will Benefit Epworth Hall: Donations Received at the Door

    The weather is forecast to be perfect for a concert Friday evening at the Silver Lake Institute where our guest artists will sound fabulous in the unbeatable acoustics of historic Epworth Hall! After the show, walk right up the hill to enjoy ice cream at the Charcoal Corral OR drive up to catch the latest double feature at the Silver Lake Twin Drive-In Theater! Or head into downtown Perry to the lovely Ration wine bar (https://www.rationwinebar.com/) or the always-fun Silver Lake Brewery (https://www.silverlakebrewingproject.com) for some adult refreshment. Date night done right!

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019

    J&M Rooney will be at Epworth Hall Saturday Eve to Test LED Bulbs in Stage Lights to Cut Current Draw

    John and Mara Rooney have been discussing the lights in Epworth, as has the entire Epworth Hall Committee.

    "We noticed this year they are starting to fail. The committee can continue to buy light bulbs and fuses every time a unit fails or upgrade to a more modern LED light," said Mara. 

    The Rooney's, also members of the Epworth Hall Committtee, are coming up this weekend and plan to bring a few LED lights which to test. 

    "They’re reasonably priced, will not blow the fuses, will not require bulb replacement, can change color automatically, and are much lighter. We’d like to test them around dusk on Saturday. If anyone [from the SLI Board or Epworth Committee] wants to come and check them out they’re more than welcome," concluded Mara.

    Winter Survivors Planning Nov., Feb.
    Party Nights this Winter; will Discuss
    'Home Nights' for Smaller Gatherings

    February 1 (?)
    After two successful years of Mid-Winter Survivors' Pizza Parties, the Winter Survivors Planning Task Force (TF) is planning to add a second event in November. The original February event (the Pizza Party) will be scheduled again this winter. The TF is in the process of setting the dates and what the highlight food will be for November.

    In addition, the TF is hearing from folks who feel that the "winter months" (Oct-Apr) are too long of a period of time to have so few get-togethers especially after a season of weekly concerts, desserts, breakfasts, sunset club and this month---The Silver Lake Experience and Artisans on the Green (this Saturday, August 31, 1-5 pm; Parking: Edges of Burt Park). 

    Some say the coming down off of such a busy period of time to almost nothing is physically and spiritually depressing. People are social creatures and need social functioning for good health.

    As an alternative to the "party" event, the TF will be discussing helping persons be creative in developing a "home night" theme and inviting one or two other couples (or families) for cookies and coffee or other preferences. Themes could be a wide range of considerations, all the way from Ethnic traditions to Sports Nights (watching Buffalo Footall or Buffalo or Rochester Hockey) to name just two. If you set up a "home night" or "night out" with other SLI couples or families, let us know what you did or where you went so we can take encouragement that "SLI Winter" intends to be a more happening place!

    New Family Histories Related to the Heritage Walkway Memorial Bricks
    are being Posted following Hiatus

    Suzanne Bristow was on the ground floor of the Long Range Planning Committee's Heritage Walkway Project which has turned out to be one of the highlights on the Institute grounds for its beauty, its historical contents, and its smooth walkway to the Big Blue Dock. She has been totally invested in the project by taking orders, ordering bricks, arrangements for engraving bricks, installing bricks, and equally important, seeking the family histories to which the bricks refer. She types every word and installs the family histories into the Heritage Walkway's own website.

    Suzanne's work on the family histories became interrupted when the Executive Committee asked the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPL) to produce  a 2020 edition of the Silver Lake Institute Handbook. The project was enormous  and the LRPC is planning to complete its part of the project at this Friday's LRPC meeting.

    If that wasn't time consuming enough, Suzanne was asked to type the equivalent of a book from hand written and difficult to read copy giving a complete history of the streets within the Silver Lake Institute, and the people for whom each street was named. After many months working that project along with the work on the handbook, she has finally come near to the end of the streets project (except for the index) which she is working on now. The point is that there is now time to turn her attention back to the family histories which she is entering into the Heritage Walkway website.

    This Newsletter provides a direct link to the Heritage Walkway website. It can be found in the left hand column in the very first section under "Site Map / General Public." Look for "Heritage Walkway" and click on it. The stories are brief but ever so interesting reading. The histories are separated by the referenced brick which was photographed before being installed on the walkway.

    Monday, August 26, 2019

    Not Quite the Ugly Duckling ...

    THE LONELY SEA GULL -- Always alone, never accepted by the older and larger sea gulls, he almost looks as though he has begun seeking friendship among the sunset-gazing adult humans. Perhaps time will solve the problem ... although he isn't white ... do you think that will matter?

    2020 Worship Services will be Located at the Dock except for Rain, at Hoag; 'Celebration of Lives Lived' at Epworth

    Spiritual Life Committee Meets for 3 Hours,
    Splits Up Job Responsibilities for 2020
    Season; Prepares Budget Estimate

    As any pastor can explain, there is much more to the preparation for Worship than initially meets the eye. This is also true of spiritual growth opportunities and the nurturing-outreach ministries such as illness, death, emotional stress, loss of employment, moving in or out of town, job promotion or demotion, struggle within a marriage--each of these requires having someone on whom to call

    So it is also when the Spiritual Life Committee considered all of the recommendations which have been received both in writing and verbally as they examined what it was that people needed and wanted to meet their summertime spiritual needs and even considered the wintertime needs also. One of the top priorities expressed by worshipers was setting one basic location for worship and only changing it in case of rain or rain with a high number in attendance.

    There is no doubt that people enjoy the Dock services and the view of the Lake as they worship and seek God. It really didn't take much effort to make the decision that the Dock would be the primary location of worship services held at SLI in 2020. In case of rain and based on the number of persons present at the service, the decision will be loudly and quickly announced as to whether to retreat to Hoag for a smaller group or to Epworth for a larger group.

    A young adult mother with 2 children asked if, as a visitor, she could give an opinion. She first of all expressed how easy it is to care for children when the service is at the dock. She then told us that Stoody does not lend itself well to children, strollers, wheelchairs or even walkers. Joan added that it does not accommodate us well for refreshments after worship either. 

    Beautiful Today; Rain Tomorrow

    Sunday, August 25, 2019

    Rev Paul Robinson Outstanding this Morning; Passed Out Feathers
    as a Reminder of Hope

    Saw this feather of hope on my walk today on these Spiritual grounds....I left it for the next person to be inspired as much as I was today at Rev. Paul Robinson’s beautiful message. 
    (Photo and Caption by Lisa Schiske)

    The Squiers, J. Hoffner, the Hunters, Sponsored Breakfast August 17th

    Shown are neighbors, Nancy and Bill Squier of Genesee Ave. at Perry Ave., Julie Hoffner of Ames Walkway; Sue and Steve Hunter of Gould Cottage on Genesee Ave.

    Informal Worship was a Success; But Discussion Afterwards Points to
    Items which Need Fixing

    SLI, AUG. 25, 2019 UPDATED -- The morning service was very different to that which we had grown accustomed. There was no printed Order of Worship, no use of organ nor piano, no hymns, no prelude or postlude, no printed prayers, just leaders we trusted to lead us into the presence of God. Doug Wilson and Paul Robinson did an excellent job of leadership and Paul's message was moving and inspirational.

    There were several common themes that came up in the discussion this morning following the "informal" worship service. The Spiritual Life Committee wanted to hear particularly from worshipers who are not a part of the Committee. This is because the Committee must meet tomorrow morning to formulate a worship plan for next Season that will meet as many needs as possible while being open to welcoming others and new ideas.

    The following are four common themes which kept coming up in different forms during the discussion this morning which followed Worship:

    First Informal Worship Service to
    be Held at Stoody Hall at 10:30 am this Morning; will be Discussed Monday

    The Spiritual Life Committee wants to do an "Informal" Worship Service so that everyone can experience it and be able to give an experienced opinion. We invited a very respected retired pastor who we are confident will accomplish this Sunday morning mission for later this morning. He has been here at least twice before and each time he demonstrated very creative ways of communicating his message with more than words. You will remember Paul Robinson and we are confident you will enjoy his creativity once again.

    We are asking him to attempt to do each of our usual "formal" acts of worship in a completely different way. Make note of those things which touch your heart the most and the things that are not as effective for you. We are combining the informal experience into a total experience because we must begin working on setting up next year's worship services and we need to know if you are open to some of the ideas that keep coming up among young people and young adults including young married adults.

    Nothing will become finalized based on this one hour's experience. It is only a guide to help us set a plan for next Season's experiences of worship. We are convinced that all of us put together will be able to discover things about informal worship that will not only stimulate young minds and hearts, but also captivate older-experienced minds and hearts.

    Sit back, relax, try to zero-in to God's presence, making note of all that is happening and which is good for you and if anything is less than good for you. It all happens later this morning and we invite anyone who is interested in this experiment for the good of the community, to join us and offer serious opinions (or even "joyfully negative" ones). Approach it with a positive mindset and see what happens. Then try to explain to us what happened in your experience of it. 

    This brief exchange of ideas is expected to follow the worship service (original plan) or you can speak with one of the pastors during the day today because the Spiritual Life Committee meets in the morning.

    Thank you for your love and patience and we look forward to seeing you.

    Saturday, August 24, 2019

    Folk O' the Road featured in Last Coffee House of the 2019 Season

    Thirty-one (31) persons came out to Stoody Hall for tonight's Coffee House Sing-A-Long featuring "Folk O' the Road," a group established in 1973 but which has fluctuated in members throughout the years. The current group has been singing together since 2001. All are Wyoming County performers and one, Joanne Brocklehurst (second from the right) is a long time Silver Lake Institute resident. Paul (extreme right and the only male) sings and  plays percussion and sound effect instruments.

    Clarence Clark Gets 'Nice Visit'

    Pictured above are Clarence Clark and visitor Steve Hunter.
    Steve and Sue Hunter of Gould Cottage on Genesee Ave. went to see Clarence Clark today and this is Sue's report to us:
    "Steve and I just had a nice visit with Clarence Clark. Not sure he knew who we were but he did smile when we talked about Silver Lake." 😊

    Author Ellen True tells a Story of Cottage Renovation, Memories for which Most Silver Lakers can Relate

    Ellen is pictured above speaking to Silver Lakers in Hoag Gallery's first floor meeting room on Saturday morning, Aug. 24, 2019.
    SOLD AS IS refers to their cottage on Canisius Lake which has been in the their family for several generations. It also serves as the title of her book. She only brought one copy so Doug Wilson took orders for those who wanted a copy and will let them know when they arrive.

    Caught between memories and cold, hard construction and insulating needs, she describes the dilemma of not wanting to tear apart original structures in the cottage but knows that she must in order to have it work out as a year-round home. Her father is unable to visit while this heart-rending transition is in the midst of re-creation.

    There were the lively stories such as the contractor's son who was climbing a ladder with a sledge hammer on his belt and the sledge hammer got loose, knocking out her new glass shower. There were also sad stories such as the wains coating that had to be removed in order to accomplish something more essential.

    Beyond the stories, Ellen tells us that her real reasons for writing the book was to offer  a sense of empowerment--a you-can-do-it attitude. Her second point is to emphasize hanging on to your dream, as in not letting the goal get away from you. Keep it in the forefront of your thoughts and actions. In her case, the goal was the refurbished cottage and she accomplished it--after seven years!

    Bringing Ellen to speak to us was an end-of-the-Season event cooperatively scheduled between the Program Committee of the Silver Lake Institute and the Wyoming County Council on the Arts in conjunction with the governor and legislature of the State of New York.

    SLI Breakfast Cafe Runs Large Attendance, Runs Low on Food,
    No Shortage of Conversation

    The second last Breakfast Cafe of the Season drew larger than anticipated numbers and everyone all seemed to have a good time while munching on the pastries and fruits remaining along with fruit drinks and coffee.

    Saturday Coffee House at Stoody
    at 7:30 with "Folk O' the Road"

    Friday, August 23, 2019

    Don Thomas Concert Sets the Meditative Mood for Cottage Life

    Sunset Gazers Moved from the Appreciation Dinner to the Dock

    This movement to the Dock won't be as easy for those who also want to hear the Don Thomas Friday night concert at Epworth Hall beginning at 7:30 pm.

    Thursday, August 22, 2019

    Appreciation Dinner More Delicious,
    As Enthusiastic as Ever; Charlie Nunnenberg Awarded Silent Hero

    The line has formed, as shown above, for the hors d'oeuvres just prior to the dinner.

    Charlie Nunnenberg is pictured above with his Silent Hero award.

    Kathy and Bill Schaefer award Sue Russell, Director of Asbury Retreat Center,a new award known as the Good Neighbor Award. A very valuable relationship has developed between the Institute and the Retreat Center and it shows best in the Silver Lake Experience, a cooperative, biennial event.

    M.C. and Outgoing SLI President Bill Schaefer (on the right) invites new SLI President Kevin Colburn (on the left) to come forward and make remarks to the SLI dinner guests.

    Jill Knitter receiving
    her Silent Hero Award.

    Suzanne Trich Bristow's Silent Hero Award is accepted by the one who nominated her for the award, Nancy Culley Sellar.

    Lisa Schiske just prior to her receiving the Silent Hero Award for all her behind the scenes work on behalf of the Institute and its community.

    Greg Franklin, having received his Silent Hero Award moments earlier, is shown above celebrating with his table-mate, Charlie Nunnenberg, as they pose for this memorable picture of both.

    The following are those who nominated persons for the award:

    Nancy Culley Sellar nominated Suzanne Trich Bristow.

    Cindy and Tom Adams nominated Charlie Nunnenberg.

    Loren Penman nominated Jill Knitter for the award.

    Dick Lee and Mollie Anthony
    nominated Lisa Schiske for Silent Hero.

    ATTENTION READERS -- You may have been lucky enough last night to get on this site while most of the photos and story were "working." By midnight the entire story and all of its photos were eliminlated in total by a stray, gremlin-like code which prevented them from being seen or accessible by the site manager. They became temporarily "lost." We believe we have now recovered 100% of what was lost and are seeking to fill in any remaining blanks. Here is a summary:

    Receiving Silent Hero framed Award Certificates were: Charlie Nunnenberg, Suzanne Trich Bristow, Jill Knitter, Lisa Schiske, and Greg Franklin.

    A New Award, the Good Neighbor Award, was awarded to Sue Russell, the Director of the Asbury Retreat Center.

    Charlie was nominated and introduced by Cindy and Tom Adams. Suzanne Trich Bristow was nominated by Nancy Culley Sellar. Jill Knitter was nominated and introduced by Loren Penman. Lisa Schiske was nominated and introduced by Dick Lee and Mollie Anthony. Greg Franklin was nominated and introduced by Lisa Schiske. Sue Russell was nominated and introduced by Kathy and Bill Schaefer.

    Sharon Pratt, chair of the Epworth Hall Committee, stood right before closing, and announced that special thanks needs to be offered to Bill Schaefer for all he has done and all the time committed for the Silver Lake Institute. She was very warmly applauded.

    Loren Penman stood immediately following closing and reminded us that the Season had not yet ended and we should remember the Don Thomas Concert tonight (Friday) at 7:30 pm at Epworth Hall.

    Reminiscing About Friday Night's
    Rock 'n Roll Concert at 2019 SLE

    This photo by Nancy Culley shows two of the three or four classic cars whose owners volunteered to provide atmosphere for the Friday night theme of 50's and 60's Rock 'n Roll featuring the Ruby Shooz Band. Also featured was free ice cream sundaes provided by Yummies Ice Cream in the Epworth Cafe, and also sundas, sodas, milk shakes, etc. provided by the Asbury Retreat Center in their 50's-style soda fountain known as the Snack Shack. The concert was a hit--as was the icre cream and classic cars!

    Preparations All in Place for Annual Appreciation Dinner Tonight, 6 pm

    Active and involved residents always look forward to the Annual Appreciation Dinner because it provides the opportunity of getting together as workers in the same cause celebratng each of their efforts. Some, having been nominated, will receive framed certificates of Appreciation for their work on behalf of the Institute.

    A good deal of the enjoyment is getting together and enjoying each other's company around the tables. The "awards" are just an extra benefit to coming together. The certificates are held as a surprise until the announcement is made and the person is called forward. Bill Schaefer has served as Master of Ceremonies since its inception a few years back. Rumor has it that this is Bill's  last year as Master of Ceremonies and that Julie Hoffner may be taking it over. Julie isn't sure how that happened but she assumes at some point she must have been emphasizing a point by putting her arm in the air and it was taken as volunteering.

    It is our hope that Bill will receive appropriate recognition for all his work as chair of the annual dinner. His work on behalf of the Institute should be honored and remembered. If not this year, we have every confidence that it will happen next year! See you this evening for hors d'oeuvres and dinner!

    Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    2nd Last Dessert on the
    Dock Draws 27 Residents;
    2nd Highest 2019 Attendance

    The high attendance for this Season stands at 37.

    One of Several Dynamic Patterns

    Maybe you get tired of my sunset posts, but I don’t get tired of watching them at the lake. This one was photographed by Jackie Kraft, who also appreciates them. Her husband called this one Santa’s sleigh. Do you see it? (Caption by Nancy Culley)

    First Appearance of Sunlight at
    9:32 am as Clouds, Sun Do Battle

    Forecasters are calling for another hot and humid day with unpredictable skies, showers, and thundershowers and possibly brief encounters with direct sun. 82 degrees today will feel more like 87 degrees with the humidity.

    Tomorrow, on the other hand, is supposed to make up for today with a pleasant high of 72 and no precipitation.

    Newsletter Plans to Cover all of the Events Between Now and Sept. 1st

    As of today, Wednesday, there are 2 events remaining in each of the following categories--Friday Concerts, Sunday Services, Saturday Breakfasts, and Wednesday Desserts on the Dock. There is also one more event in the category of Saturday Coffee Houses, and the Annual Appreciation Dinner Thursday. 

    We plan to give you reports on as many of these as possible, including pictures. Come out and enjoy some great remaining events.

    This Friday is the Don Thomas Concert. Don sings and plays guitar and writes his own music. He impressed us a couple of years ago when he played on the Big Blue Dock and it's time we hear him in Epworth Hall this Friday at 7:30.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019

    11 Come Out to
    Enjoy the Tuesday Sunset

    Eleven SLI residents couldn't resist the warmth of the day and clear skies, so they came out to thoroughly enjoy the amazing patterns of colors and shapes as the sun made its way down behind the trees on the western side. Temperatures remained comfortable throughout the evening even as the heat of the sun dissipated. 

    82 at 3:10 pm with a high set for 84; Same for tommorrow with a 'Storm'

    Monday, August 19, 2019

    Talk of the Season Winding Down
    is Overcome by Committees
    in High Gear for Next Year

    Whether you are a summer resident only or a year-round resident, if you are on a committee, you hardly have time to think about how the Season is winding down because you are already fully engaged in the planning process for what is to come. Plans are being made for next season's concerts, speakers, authors, and special events--after all, some season-opening events are just 10 1/2 months away and guests must be scheduled early enough to get what we want before other groups get the dates we prefer.

    The Spiritual Life Committee is surveying the worshiping community about issues as basic as style of worship. They are planning a quick review of preferences immediately following this Sunday's experimental "informal" worship experience with Paul Robinson. Then decisions for next season and scheduling must begin.

    While all the busy-ness of planning for next season, there are those additionally concerned about the long off-season months during the fall-winter of 2019 and the winter-spring of 2020. For the past two years these folk have referred to themselves as the SLI Winter Survivors and have "celebrated" with a Mid-Winter Survivors' Pizza Party.

    This is the first year that the planning committee is considering at least two get-togethers--one in November and the other in "mid winter." Committee members have set a high bar which is proving a little difficult to maintain--eating together for the small amount of $5 per individual. At this point, we are still operating on that assumption. 

    To date we have been able to maintain this low cost because of the generous giving of others who want to see not one winter survivor excluded from the get-togethers. So far, so good; but as the group grows larger, the committee may have to reconsider. 

    Some concerns have also been expressed that for some who do not "weather" winter well, two events during the long, cold season, is simply not enough. The committee will discuss the options of adding an additional event or organizing smaller cottage events not requiring the efforts of the larger events at Koinonia and definitely not including a meal (unless you insist). Your thoughts and ideas are really encouraged at this point.

    Contacts: Glynne Schultz or Greg Franklin:
    glynneschultz@gmail.com   gregfranklin14549@mail.com (493-4003)

    Teddy Roosevelt Spoke at SLI Grounds 120 Years Ago, on Friday, Aug.18, 1899

    This historical fact of Governor Roosevelt's Speech at SLI (then known as the Assembly) was part of yesterday morning's introduction to the Worship Service at Stoody Hall featuring the Dunnamans, a husband and wife duet. 

    Roosevelt served as the 25th vice president from March to September 1901 and as the 33rd governor of New York from 1899 to 1900. As a leader of the Republican Party, he became a driving force for the Progressive Era in the United States in the early 20th century. Vice President Roosevelt  became President in 1901 when William McKinley was assassinated at the 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.

    The printed worship folder contained the following introduction:

    "Our original charter of 1857 was based on SLI's earliest experience of Camp Meetings in Bergen, NY. In 1895 the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Headquarters was built (now Stoody Hall) and was intentionally put up as part of Auditorium Park (now Burt Park), at the available NW corner. The Park is and was the center of the SLI community, and where the Silver Lake Camp Meetings began in 1873."

    Mr. Roosevelt had been scheduled to speak a second time on Friday, the 18th, at the Walker Road "Entertainment District" but was encouraged to come over to the amphitheater at the Assembly Grounds to give his second speech, which he did. Loren Penman's Silver Lake Arts post picks up the story from there:

    120 years ago today (8/18/2019 -- 8/18/1899):

    Image may contain: text