Friday, July 12, 2019

The Grizzwoode Band Draws an Appreciative Audience of 64

It was a sweater night but no one complained because they know the forecast is for hot and humid and this cool day was a refreshing change. The lighting at Epworth was a different experience. The program committee was unable to activate the powerful New York stage lights for which they discovered the electrical program box unplugged--evidence that someone untrained in its use had been experimenting with it. Luckily, the flood lights directly above the band provided enough light for the unusual lighting of the evening.

The band, on the other hand, seemed unphased by any of the circumstances around them. The music was immensely enjoyable and enjoyably familiar. Grizzwoode is the only group we have that continues to use the Hammond portable organ. Hammond was very popular in the 70s and 80s as both background and some solo work. Back then there was no "portable," they had to drag along the full console in addition to a keyboard to get the same effects that the one portable instrument now provides.

The guitarists worked their magic, also, in bringing the unique sounds of those time periods "back to the future" so that we might enjoy them in 2019 and right here in Epworth Hall. The SLI Program Committee thanks every one who supports the programs of the Silver Lake Institute which helps keep our community a quality place to live and helps to keep the taxes down, as we faithfully operate as a non-profit organization. Your attendance and occasional donations are of tremendous help to the big efforts needed to keep the Institute what it is and always has been--a very special place!

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