Tuesday, July 16, 2019

SLI Sunset Group Gives High Marks to
a Significantly Successful Weekend

From the Grizzwoode Band on Friday night, through SLI Breakfast, on to the Annual Cottage-Owners Meeting, and then on to a third day of successful events as we celebrated 50 years of service for our primary community musician who served as accompanist for so many years. Adding to the weekend was Ms. Hoffner's family reunion on Saturday. She survived it!! She was smiling and telling great stories today. Thank you for being our friend and neighbor.
* * * * * * *
Bill Schaefer received great credit and applause for his leadership and commitment to the SLI cause. Two spontaneous requests received Bill's immediate and positive response. "I need a speed bump near Camp Rd. and Lakeview Ave. to protect my daughter from speeding drivers." Bill's immediate response, "It will be installed." 

From another, "As a community we need to talk about everything involving Epworth Hall." Bill's response, "Next month's Trustee meeting will provide the opportunity for discussion." 

Perhaps the most troubling question came from a relatively new resident who said that an Institute billboard was situated on her property facing post office pedestrian traffic. She inquired, without explanation, "Why did you remove it?" Bill reminded her that she had asked him to remove it, so he did. It was so unfortunate that she was unable to remember asking to have it removed and continued to confront Bill with the same question and no further details or explanation. Since we all hate to see Bill having to unnecessarily experience that, might the Monday evening Sunset Group suggest that the Institute get every property-type request in writing so as to help residents who can't always recall "details." (Sorry about the Monday evening quarterbacking; at least it wasn't "Monday Morning Quarterbacking!") Keep up the good work, Bill; we're behind you! ... :-)

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