Wednesday, July 24, 2019

SLE Just 2 Weeks Away; Volunteers with Tractors & Scoops Needed to Fill Walkway Mud Holes with Wood Chips

Water-Filled TIre Rut at the Perry Ave. Entrance to Ames Walkway

Second Water-Filled Tire Rut just a few feet north of the first rut.

For the last Silver Lake Experience (SLE), the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) in cooperation with the Grounds Committee was able to find one volunteer who filled in a large middle section of the Ames Walkway between Epworth Hall and Burt Park with SLI wood chips. SLI received many compliments on the walkway at that time. 

For the Silver Lake Experience of 2019, there are moderately deep tire tracks which become mud holes when it rains (as they have been this week), intermittently located along Ames Walkway from the northerly line of the Matthews' property south to Perry Ave. These ruts become actually dangerous to walkers at times of diminished light.

IF we are able to find at least one volunteer, the LRPC is willing to do the work of coordinating with the Grounds Committee to secure the necessary steps in getting this accomplished in time for our many guests and visitors which will be on our grounds from August 8 through 11 and who so appreciated the walkway two years ago when they were last our guests. 

Please call 493-4003 to volunteer yourself and your tractor with scoop (or other vehicle which could transport fill) and we will start the process immediately. We need to hear from you as soon as possible or there won't be time to accomplish it. You might ask, "Where's our Groundsman?" We can assure you that he is being kept very busy in preparation for the  SLE biennial event!

Last time we also had a freshly painted Big Blue Dock for our guests but a new painting of it is not scheduled until next year. It seems to have not held up well through this past winter and if you wish to put a fresh coat on the floor and furniture, please check with the Grounds Chair, Jill Knitter, or let the SLI office know of your willingness. Make them an offer they can't refuse!

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