Saturday, July 6, 2019

Park Power One Step Away from Reality; Beardsley Electric Finished Up, SLI Awaits NYSEG for the Hookup

The SLI Trustee Board was able to report this morning to its members and visitors that the Beardsley Electrical firm had completed their portion of the work to bring power back to the Park after a 101 year absence of power since the arson of the Amphitheater in 1918. 

Now that Beardsley has completed their work, the Institute turns its attention and watchful wait for NYSEG to schedule a day and time to string wire from one of their company poles to our new private pole. The new SLI pole stands a few feet to the southeast of the pavilion (old sand box). 

Upon completion of the stringing of the wire and hooking it to the pole wires, the Program Committee, Worship Committee, and Silver Experience Committee should have power available without delay. The return of power in the park will open up several new possibilities for special events.

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