Sunday, July 7, 2019

Kickoff Worship Service Begins at Hoag Because of Unfavorable Conditions
From Mid-Morning Rain, Cool

Folks arriving at SLI's first worship service of the season, traditionally at the lake shore by the Big Blue Dock at the end of Wesley Ave., arrived to discover an area devoid of human beings. The reason there was no one on the Dock, the Greenway, or even Lakeview Ave. was because the setup crew got the word that everything was soaking wet and equally important, a temperature of 63 degrees and "quite cool near the Lake" was being reported. The decision was made to locate in Hoag Gallery's first floor meeting room to stay dry and warm. (Hoag is diagonally across the street from the Big Blue Dock.)

The Service was a good one with the Rev. Dr. Don Weaver both leading worship and bringing the message of the morning postulating that often what we interpret as interruptions in our planned living turn out to be opportunities for ministry to others, perhaps even introduced by God. A very meaningful childhood memory which served to prove a valuable point about living honestly in today's world and being faithful to the ideals of our God and our country.

For the conclusion of the message, Rev. Weaver read from a letter sent to all the clergy in his United Methodist denomination urging them to not keep silent about the travesties being inflicted on God's children at our southern border. Those the government and media refer to as simply "migrants." The implication was that God expects us to speak up on behalf of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in alleviating suffering and to demonstrate love toward all of God's people.

Silver Lake was clearly visible through the two windows that face west which was the direction in which the congregation was seated at Hoag. Afterwards, hot dogs, rolls, chips, and homemade goodies were set up outside Hoag in the midst of a bright and warm sunshine.

SLI Board of Trustees President Bill Schaefer made a brief speech about the upcoming Season and the Anniversary Celebration next Sunday for Julie Hoffner's 50 years as Accompanist for Silver Lake. The celebration is being held at historical Epworth Hall beginning at 10:30 am July 14th. Bill concluded with the banging of the gavel, officially opening the 2019 Silver Lake Season.

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