Saturday, July 27, 2019

Good Attendance Observed at Friday's Square Dance, Breakfast Cafe, this Evening's Coffee House: Super Moon

Those in attendance at Friday Night's Annual Epworth Square Dance with Kelly's Old Timers, seemed well entertained and pleased with the fun of both square dancing and those there watching the intricacies of it. It is notable that there was other Friday night competition for audiences including Dan Saunders back home to receive an award from the Arts Council in downtown Perry and yet the Program Committee experienced what one pleased audience member proclaimed "good attendance"!

A good attendance was also experienced at the SLI Residents' Breakfast Cafe Saturday morning having a Mexican flavor to it which received great complements. Hosting the Cafe was Bill and Mary Ann Shader of Fillmore Ave. A big thank you to the Shaders!

Super Moon is percussionist Bill Ritchie and guitarists Jamey Ciferni and Joel Branciforte.  About 40 listeners of all ages enjoyed nearly 90 minutes of music by the Beatles, Johnny Cash, the Monkees and many others.  There was lots of dancing (initiated by Sarah Clark) and active participation with a host of hand-held musical instruments.  A great time was had by all! Thank you, Super Moon, and Thank you, Sarah!

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