Saturday, July 20, 2019

Dreams Come True . . . Some Unusual, Exotic Animals Coming to Burt Park

The SLI Program Committee dreamed of occasional outdoor concerts; the Worship Committee dreamed of occasional outdoor Worship Services; and the Silver Lake Experience Committee needed more workshop space in addition to their need of a great outdoor location for everything from Flower Arranging to  their "World Safari" (S19) by the Buffalo Zoo Education Department.

In the Zoo's hour-long program, they take a "trip" to the seven continents of the world. The biomes of each continent are reviewed, and several notable species native to each are discussed to emphasize the diversity of wildlife in that region. A live animal is paired with the discussion of each continent to illustrate the adaptations of that species to their particular niche.'

Immediately following the presentation, there will be a half hour available to meet the animals presented, ask questions, and explore a variety of biofacts (items such as bones, pelts, horns, etc.) from animals discussed in the presentation. This is a family friendly presentation. Register for the Silver Lake Experience,, then sign up for S19 to be offered at the Burt Park Tent.

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