Sunday, July 28, 2019

Annual Memorial Service Draws 59,
Challenge Offered, Response Received
7 Offer Public Thanks for Service

Twenty-two persons' lives from around the Lake, or a loved one with a connection to the Lake, were honored this morning by a loved one or friend who memorialized them in our collective memories. It was pleasant  and inspirational hearing about a life well lived for one's family, friends, and/or community. 

"He died ... by his own hand," said his grandmother of Charles A. "Charlie" Wildrick-Cole. Charlie had been depressed that last week thinking about his paternal grandfather who he believed had genetically passed down Charlie's newly discovered bipolar disease which he was fretting about.

"We have saved three viles of Charlie's blood, so if you know of anyone in genetic research, please pass their name on to the family so his blood can be tested and put on a track to cure future bypolars," said Grandmother Wildrick to those present today. Guess what? At the end of the Service, she was given a name and contact information!

Today we celebrated those lives and in response, seven of those who spoke of their loss, announced to the group present how much they appreciated the Service and being invited to it. Still others came up to us individually afterwards to thank all those responsible for the service and how much it meant to them. 

Rev. Franklin thanked the three women on the Worship Committee who worked hard to make this service good for all participants--Joan Maddison, Suzanne Bristow, and Julie Hoffner. Thanks again to Joan Maddison and to the Rev Dr. Don Weaver who worked with the names of persons, their families, locating adddresses, making contacts and finalizing attendance and speakers. Thanks to the two additional volunteers, Esther Schuknecht and Lisa Schiske for help in serving and cleanup.

The following persons were honored and remembered with their name chimed, and an LED candle and red rose given to a family member or friend:

Lucy Elaine Murphy
Richard C. Miller MD
Richard W. "Dick" Scharet, Sr.
Richard DavidsonC
Diane Woodward
Robert H. Wood
Charles A. Wildrick-Cole
Douglas J. Klein
Eleanor P. Stevens
Kenneth R. Fuller
Merville J. Button
Paul Hartnagel
Rev. Donald C. Vogel
Jacquelyn L. Klein
Shirley J. Parrish
James R. Gildner
Jennie I. Wiejanik
Colleen M. (Palmer) Falgiano
Elaine Leiman Barber Fuller
Patricia A. Mazzarella
Marion E. Sturm
Dawn "Loretta" Bauer

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