Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Annual Meeting of SLI Cottage Owners Updates Community, Elects Trustees

This coming Saturday, the Annual Cottage Owners Meeting will take place at 11:00 am at Epworth Hall. Members of the Board of Trustees will be updating the SLI  community through financial and other type reports including progress on investments. We will learn the details about the WNYAC discontinuing our property and workmen's comp insurance without any notice or warning.  Because of this, we no longer are part of a group insurance policy and insurance for SLI properties has more than doubled.

SLI membership present at the meeting will be updated on current or pending projects including those that have been completed. Several of the Trustee terms of office are up and the Nominations Committee will be presenting a new slate of officers and nominations "from the floor" will also be called for prior to the election. The Silver Lake Newsletter will attempt to report the results of the meeting as thoroughly as possible, but there is nothing like being present and asking questions for the best understanding of new policies and details.

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