Thursday, July 25, 2019

9 Haven Ave. is a 2-Story, Fireplace, Double Lot Going for $56K; A Lot of Upstairs Water Damage, Bath Torn Up

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For the size of the cottage, the fireplace takes up a considerable amount of room. The latest remodeling appears to be in preparation to expand space on both floors but the plan is far from clear and the latest metal siding on the northwest corner was put up without any windows--possibly for two very large walk-in closets on both floors.

The Bathroom is currently not usable because the appliances are moved off to the side. The cottage is a rectangle and its long side is parallel to Perry Ave., only about 3 feet away.  The upstairs water damage was such that the stairway was warped away from one of its supporting walls. 

There is also a possible property line problem since a fence, two trees, and a garden was put up several feet into Ames Avenue, apparently installed by a previous owner. This is clearly shown on a neighbor's survey from 2015.

One woman who was looking for a "fixer-upper" left indicating that this one was simply "too much work." If you are more in the market for a double lot right on Perry Ave. for $56,000, or are anxious for a reconstruction challenge, then this might be right for you.

About 3 Generations Ago...
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2 Photos above--1907

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  1. A Concerned ReaderJuly 28, 2019 at 2:10 AM

    GAF, your comments include a number of inaccuracies, starting with the price, all of which could - and should - be rectified by contacting the property owner.

    In the future, your credibility would be enhanced by taking steps to verify your information before publishing it...