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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Spectacular Weather, Spectacular Desserts, Beautiful Sunset, Great Conversations, Big Attendance of 37

Predicted rain did not develop and turned out to be just the opposite. After some heavy gray clouds about 2 hours before the Dessert on the Dock, the sky cleared and the sun was in full exposure for the rest of the evening.

If you were there, you had the opportunity of digging into an absolutely delicious homemade blue berry pie by Nancy Sellar. The blue berries were both huge and stacked so high with no crust over the top. It was a blue berry banquet and it was gone long before we said good night.

Smores, chocolate chip cookies, other cookies with a chocolate implant in the top, ice cream sandwiches, apple pie, crackers and tortia chips with Buffalo Wing sauce, Trifle, and several others. Lemonade and coffee were available. It was noted that today was the 31st of July. Don't wait to join in the fun . . . we're half way through the summer already.

So many stories and memories exchanged by folks visiting from far away places that used to spend summers here. The details were so humorous that even those who were not around then, found humor in the descriptions of their personality traits and unique conduct on their property and in the neighborhood. In addition, there were wide ranging conversations of some folks just trying to catch up with the last day or two, or week or two. No talk of business tonight... just smiles, laughs, and good times.

It was noted that today was the 31st of July. Don't wait to join in the fun . . . we're half way through the summer already.

Possibility of Rain when Dessert on the Dock Happens; We Might Be in Hoag

The weather conditions may be uncertain but the one thing that is certain are the neighbors and friends who do gather for the Dessert on the Dock--whether or not it can be physically at the Dick or simply observing the lake and the sunset from the Hoag building. Hope to see you there at 7:30!

Ames Walkway is Ready for SLE Guests and will Keep You and Your Family
Safe from Wheeled Traffic

During the Silver Lake Experience (SLE), Asbury Camp & Retreat Center and the Silver Lake Institute, throw open their private camp grounds for the guests and families of the SLE. The Institute provides for your safety by your use of the pedestrian-only Ames Ave. Walkway (from July 1 through Labor Day).

The Institute is surrounded by Chapman (a Town of Castile road), and the north side of Camp Road is a Village of Perry road). Perry Ave. runs through the center of the Institute and along with Lakeside Ave., off to the south, are the only two other municipal roads belonging to the Town of Castile which are in or around the private roads and properties of the Institute. 

Originally SLI was a gated community requiring a paid entrance fee all the way up to circa 1950-54. The Chautauqua Institute, continues very successfully with its closed area tradition.

Avoid the competition with speeding traffic . . . Take the historic, mostly grassy, and soft wood chip walking path between Epworth Hall's front doors and the Tent in Bishop Burt Park. Across the street from the Park is Stoody Hall on Embury Ave. From Stoody Hall, take Park Ave. (one short block) to Wesley Ave. and its sidewalks which will take you directly to the Big Blue Dock on the Lake Shore with Hoag Gallery on Wesley to your right just steps before the Lake Shore and the beautiful Greenway of the Institute that runs the length of Lakeview Ave.

Our roads were created in the 1870s and 1880s for horse and carriage and foot traffic, which explains their historic narrowness. Parking is limited, so if you enjoy just a little bit of walking, take advantage of the historic Institute atmosphere by walking to these relatively close building locations from the main building, Epworth Hall.

You won't have to worry about sharing a winding Perry Ave. with speeding cars and motorcycles (and no sidewalks) if you take advantage of the historic Ames Ave. Walkway. Beginning just steps away from Epworth Hall's double front doors, Ames Walkway runs directly into Burt Park and the SLE Tent. The Park is the geographical center of the Silver Lake Institute and is where all the early activities first took place in 1873.

We hope you will enjoy your days here at the Lake, the Institute, Asbury, and SLE. Be sure to share your comments on the SLE Evaluation forms, and here in the Newsletter if you like or you are welcome to email our publisher, gregfranklin14549@mail.com.

Our thanks and appreciation to the Grounds Committee and Groundsman Dan Dake for filling in the holes made by tires during the winter months.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

1 Week, 2 Days to the 2019 Silver Lake Experience! Is Your Registration In?
Another Fill the Boat Opportunity

"We've got it now," said a very happy committee member, getting very excited about the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) of 2019--less than 10 days away. And now, after many months, we have found the boat for the collection of children's needs in Wyoming County. Two years ago, we filled the boat to overflowing and felt very good about our accomplishment. SLE's accomplishment was finding the boat and promoting the project. It is the wonderful participants and volunteers in the SLE who provided so much of what went on to help local people. If you see the boat at Epworth Hall or even out and about in a different location, please feel free to make your contribution.

By the way, there are still some really great workshops, walking tours, history events including the big Scavenger Hunt, food prep, flower arranging (over 80 workshops and opportunities). Go to www.SilverLakeExperience.org and read about them all to pick from some excellent openings. You can even register right there online and reserve your spot. Oh, and check out our super concerts this year beginning with an ensemble from the RPO on Thursday, then Ruby Shoes on Friday, the Old Hippies on Saturday, and the local Guy Macaluso Big Band early Sunday afternoon following the closing picnic--www.SilverLakeExperience.org!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Worship will Ask to be Renamed 'Spiritual Life Committee'; Proposes 3 Formal, 7 Informal Services in 2020

SILVER LAKE, NY, JULY 29, 2019 -- The Worship Committee met this morning with seven members of the Trustee Board in an effort to understand what the Board is expecting of them. It was  eventually agreed that the word "worship" may be a problematic term causing the group to prefer some use of the word "spiritual" instead of "worship.'' Later, when the Worship Committee held its own meeting, it was decided to ask the Board to rename their committee from "worship" to "spiritual life."

Time was spent with an exchange about how to include Jewish folk or Islamic persons in our service. This led to the discovery of a disagreement in defining terminology. Worship was told to broaden its outreach which the committee saw more as a "watering down" of all faiths so there is no real strength in any of them. 

President of the Board told the group that he understood "non-denominational" to be synonymous with "inter-faith." The worship committee disagreed saying that non-denominational refers to a Christian expression of faith without any clear use of any one particular expression (or denomination) of Christian faith. Inter-faith, they said was an expression of all (or most) of the existing faiths, including for example, Christianity, Judaism, Islamist/Moslem, Hindu, Buddism, etc.

The committee was told that the Board was concerned about the committee's tendency to cling to the Methodist traditions in its approach to worship. This statement, the committee suggests, ignores the many efforts made to conduct worship with a strong ecumenical (non-denominational) approach. It is unclear to what the Board is actually referring. 

For example, the liturgies are based on writings by a Roman Catholic publishing house, the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer, and liturgical writings of the United Church of Christ (UCC). Each of these  were strong on civil and human rights with an emphasis on reaching out to those in all types of need. 

The hymns and songs used have been inclusive of those written by Presbyterians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, and non-affiliated (non-denominational) writers. Special litanies and prayers have come from a wide variety of spiritual writers who have been picked up by many denominations' publishing houses. 

If, by "clinging to Methodist traditions" the Board means the use of Epworth Hall for worship, the committee admits the difficulty in changing generations of thought with regards to Epworth. It takes time, but even in this area, great progress has been made as individual committee members do their best to divorce themselves from Epworth and all the religious commitment that took place and was regularly observed there. Perhaps the committee could be cut a little slack as they adjust to the Board's new decisions and directions.

Family Fun in Burt
Park on a Sunday

Pictures by Lisa Schiske
New article posted late last night in Password Section for SLI Residents.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Summer Concert, Among the Clouds--Last Flight of Amelia Earhart, a Huge Success followed by Ice Cream Social

Tonight's concert featured the World Premier of Christopher Taylor's "Among the Clouds." He was awarded a plaque tonight by Band Conductor, Jessie Barth in honor of Christopher Taylor and his world premier. Dick Barth was applauded for his work on the concert theme, "The Last Flight of Amelia Earhart."

Annual Memorial Service Draws 59,
Challenge Offered, Response Received
7 Offer Public Thanks for Service

Twenty-two persons' lives from around the Lake, or a loved one with a connection to the Lake, were honored this morning by a loved one or friend who memorialized them in our collective memories. It was pleasant  and inspirational hearing about a life well lived for one's family, friends, and/or community. 

"He died ... by his own hand," said his grandmother of Charles A. "Charlie" Wildrick-Cole. Charlie had been depressed that last week thinking about his paternal grandfather who he believed had genetically passed down Charlie's newly discovered bipolar disease which he was fretting about.

"We have saved three viles of Charlie's blood, so if you know of anyone in genetic research, please pass their name on to the family so his blood can be tested and put on a track to cure future bypolars," said Grandmother Wildrick to those present today. Guess what? At the end of the Service, she was given a name and contact information!

Today we celebrated those lives and in response, seven of those who spoke of their loss, announced to the group present how much they appreciated the Service and being invited to it. Still others came up to us individually afterwards to thank all those responsible for the service and how much it meant to them. 

Rev. Franklin thanked the three women on the Worship Committee who worked hard to make this service good for all participants--Joan Maddison, Suzanne Bristow, and Julie Hoffner. Thanks again to Joan Maddison and to the Rev Dr. Don Weaver who worked with the names of persons, their families, locating adddresses, making contacts and finalizing attendance and speakers. Thanks to the two additional volunteers, Esther Schuknecht and Lisa Schiske for help in serving and cleanup.

The following persons were honored and remembered with their name chimed, and an LED candle and red rose given to a family member or friend:

Annual Memorial Service Now Just Hours Away to be Held in Epworth Hall

The Annual Lake-wide Memorial Service in Epworth Hall will be conducted later this morning (Sunday) at 10:30 am where 24 lake residents and/or Asbury Camp attendees who have passed within the last 12 months will be honored and their life celebrated with LED candles, Big Bell Chime, Roses, Refreshments and Fellowship afterwards. 

Rev. Greg Franklin will lead the Memorial Service and will be assisted by Mrs. Joan Maddison and Mrs. Suzanne Bristow at the Candle Table and at the Refreshment Table. Joan, Suzanne, and Rev. Don Weaver, chair of the Worship Committee, have worked hard to be of service to those who have lost loved ones.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Good Attendance Observed at Friday's Square Dance, Breakfast Cafe, this Evening's Coffee House: Super Moon

Those in attendance at Friday Night's Annual Epworth Square Dance with Kelly's Old Timers, seemed well entertained and pleased with the fun of both square dancing and those there watching the intricacies of it. It is notable that there was other Friday night competition for audiences including Dan Saunders back home to receive an award from the Arts Council in downtown Perry and yet the Program Committee experienced what one pleased audience member proclaimed "good attendance"!

A good attendance was also experienced at the SLI Residents' Breakfast Cafe Saturday morning having a Mexican flavor to it which received great complements. Hosting the Cafe was Bill and Mary Ann Shader of Fillmore Ave. A big thank you to the Shaders!

Super Moon is percussionist Bill Ritchie and guitarists Jamey Ciferni and Joel Branciforte.  About 40 listeners of all ages enjoyed nearly 90 minutes of music by the Beatles, Johnny Cash, the Monkees and many others.  There was lots of dancing (initiated by Sarah Clark) and active participation with a host of hand-held musical instruments.  A great time was had by all! Thank you, Super Moon, and Thank you, Sarah!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Saturday Afternoon: Family Coloring
Saturday Evening: Super Moon

Family Coloring will be offered Saturday, July 27 at Hoag Gallery from 3 to 5 pm. All supplies will be provided.

Saturday Evening Coffee House featuring Super Moon will take place at Stoody Hall Saturday at 7:30 pm.

For the Summer Activity Chart, Click "Read More" below.

Sunday Morning: Memorial Service
Sunday Evening: Summer Concert

The Annual Lake-wide Memorial Service is this weekend--Sunday Morning at 10:30 am at Epworth Hall, corner of Chapman and Perry Ave. In the past 12 months, 24 have passed from mortal life to eternal life. All families who have granted their permission will be celebrated for their loved one's life among us.

The Summer Concert of the Perry Commun-ity Band will be presented this weekend--Sunday Evening at 7:00 pm at Perry First United Methodist Church, 35 Covington St., one block west of Main St. The music will "take flight" around the concert title of Among the Clouds--Amelia Earhart's Last Flight. Following the concert, Ice Cream will be served in the Fellowship Hall downstairs. The building has an Easy Access entrance and a elevator-lift between the main floor and Fellowship Hall.

Historically Significant Events
in 2019 at Silver Lake Institute

  • 50th Anniversary as Institute Accompanist--Julie Hoffner--July 14th.
  • Lake-wide Memorial Service--July 28--Memoralizing 24 persons this Sunday.
  • Last Worship Service in Epworth--August 4th featuring the SLI Choir and opens the week for 2019 Silver Lake Experience!
  • 4th & Final Day of 2019 Silver Lake Experience with Worship, Picnic, and Big Band Concert under the Tent in Burt Park--August 11th. 

In Memoriam


Teenager Carlos Gregorio Hernández Vásquez died next to a toilet, alone, in an immigration detention cell. In video reviewed as part of his autopsy, Texas Monthly reports, the boy “is seen lying on the floor, vomiting on the floor, and walks over to the commode, where he sits and later lies back and expires.” His May death makes him the fifth child to die (of 6) after being taken into U.S. custody since December.

Pre-Grant, the Worship Committee had Already Decided to Move Half of their Services out into the Community

When Chaplain Greg (2008-2018) first recommended that the first worship service of the season be a celebration of the opening of the new season, and that it be held on the Big Blue Dock, followed by a "hot dog fellowship," he was so pleased that the suggestion was warmly welcomed by members of the Committee. The first affect of the change was a significant increase in attendance made up of those who enjoyed being in the great outdoors and by the lake side. The tradition of gaveling the season as "open" was begun shortly after.

The very next year, the experience was doubled by planning another outside service at the Dock for the Closing Service of the Season. Since some had began heading home before the service, the attendance was not as great as the opening service, but was much greater than it had been inside. The closing gavel was soon added to the closing service.

A third Dock service was planned for mid-summer, but the first year it was scheduled, the service was rained out (the first time any Dock service had been raised out... before this year!), so we went back to the first and last services at the Dock. But our constituency continued to suggest a third service in mid-summer. It was delayed because we decided to get a more portable keyboard since moving the Epworth console was creating damage to it. In the meantime, Epworth Hall got a new sound system, so the old system was adopted as a permanent portable system for use when the services were not in Epworth. 

After obtaining a new portable keyboard, bench and peddle, and having the full use of the old sound system, we began to plan for two additional services outside, this time naming Stoody's front lawn as the location of one. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Tomorrow Night ...

Thursday, August 1: Silver Lake: Perry Public Beach** Groundlings Summer Institute Performance: 6:00 p.m.; Show at 6:30 p.m.
Friday, August 2: Silver Lake: Perry Public Beach** Groundlings Summer Institute Performance: 6:00 p.m.; Show at 6:30 p.m..
Saturday, August 3: Silver Lake: Perry Public Beach** Groundlings Summer Institute Performance: 1:30 p.m.; Show at 2:00 p.m. AND Groundlings Summer Institute Performance: 6:00 p.m.; Show at 6:30 p.m.

** In Case of Rain:  Epworth Hall

DEC Seeks Participants for 2019
Summer Wild Turkey Survey

  1. Citizen Scientists Help DEC
    Gauge Turkey Population

    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today encouraged New Yorkers to participate in the state's annual survey for wild turkeys.

    "For more than 20 years the public has partnered with DEC on the Summer Wild Turkey Survey--a critical citizen science effort," Commissioner Seggos said. "The public's observations help DEC biologists to monitor and manage this great game bird and sustain it for the future."

    Since 1996, DEC has conducted the Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey to track wild turkey populations and estimate the number of wild turkey poults (young of the year) per hen statewide. Weather, predation, and habitat conditions during breeding and brood-rearing seasons can significantly impact nest success, hen survival, and poult survival. This index allows DEC to gauge reproductive success and predict fall harvest potential.

9 Haven Ave. is a 2-Story, Fireplace, Double Lot Going for $56K; A Lot of Upstairs Water Damage, Bath Torn Up

Click on Picture to Enlarge
For the size of the cottage, the fireplace takes up a considerable amount of room. The latest remodeling appears to be in preparation to expand space on both floors but the plan is far from clear and the latest metal siding on the northwest corner was put up without any windows--possibly for two very large walk-in closets on both floors.

The Bathroom is currently not usable because the appliances are moved off to the side. The cottage is a rectangle and its long side is parallel to Perry Ave., only about 3 feet away.  The upstairs water damage was such that the stairway was warped away from one of its supporting walls. 

There is also a possible property line problem since a fence, two trees, and a garden was put up several feet into Ames Avenue, apparently installed by a previous owner. This is clearly shown on a neighbor's survey from 2015.

One woman who was looking for a "fixer-upper" left indicating that this one was simply "too much work." If you are more in the market for a double lot right on Perry Ave. for $56,000, or are anxious for a reconstruction challenge, then this might be right for you.

About 3 Generations Ago...
Click on Picture to Enlarge.
2 Photos above--1907

Worship Committee Expected to Consider Asbury's Offer to Hold
2020 Memorial Service at Koinonia

Word spread rapidly this week by way of phone, email, and personal conversation, about an offer made by Camp Director, Deacon Sue Russell to Worship Committee member Doug Wilson about her offer to welcome the Committee to Koinonia next year for their Lake-Wide Memorial Service as long as the requested date is open to be reserved by the Committee.

The Committee had been informally discussing the possibilities of accepting invitations from organizations and businesses around the Lake whose buildings could accommodate at least 150 people. Not only buildings but consideration would be given to those with lake front property with clearance for a large tent and parking.

It is hoped one or both can be on the agenda at the next meeting of Worship on July 29th.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New Summer Season Signs are Up;
Will Remain Up through Labor Day

In the very heart of the Institute community is Bishop Burt Park originally named Auditorium Park. The first building put up on the grounds was the Auditorium (often referred to as the Amphitheater) which was built in the Park opposite Ames Avenue in 1888 and destroyed by fire in 1918. Its location provided for a direct walking path from the main Auditorium to the second building to be built on the grounds which was the Hall of Philosophy (later named Epworth Inn) in 1889. 

In 1895, the third building put up on the grounds was Epworth Hall which was funded by the Epworth League and located on Ames Avenue which had already become the main street for worship and programming. Wesley Ave. was the main street for the business community with a bandstand at the foot of Wesley actually out in the water of Silver Lake and seating was just west of the railroad tracks.

The new Ames Walkway signs re-designate and renew Ames Avenue as a walking path from Epworth Hall to Burt Park and Stoody Hall. It remains a walking path from July 1 through the end of Labor Day weekend each year with parking limited to 15 minutes for pickups and drop-offs. After Labor Day, the walk shares the Avenue with residential parking for those not having enough room on their property for their cars until the following July 1. Questions can be referred to the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) -- rbcook05@hotmail.com.

SLE Just 2 Weeks Away; Volunteers with Tractors & Scoops Needed to Fill Walkway Mud Holes with Wood Chips

Water-Filled TIre Rut at the Perry Ave. Entrance to Ames Walkway

Second Water-Filled Tire Rut just a few feet north of the first rut.

For the last Silver Lake Experience (SLE), the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) in cooperation with the Grounds Committee was able to find one volunteer who filled in a large middle section of the Ames Walkway between Epworth Hall and Burt Park with SLI wood chips. SLI received many compliments on the walkway at that time. 

For the Silver Lake Experience of 2019, there are moderately deep tire tracks which become mud holes when it rains (as they have been this week), intermittently located along Ames Walkway from the northerly line of the Matthews' property south to Perry Ave. These ruts become actually dangerous to walkers at times of diminished light.

IF we are able to find at least one volunteer, the LRPC is willing to do the work of coordinating with the Grounds Committee to secure the necessary steps in getting this accomplished in time for our many guests and visitors which will be on our grounds from August 8 through 11 and who so appreciated the walkway two years ago when they were last our guests. 

Please call 493-4003 to volunteer yourself and your tractor with scoop (or other vehicle which could transport fill) and we will start the process immediately. We need to hear from you as soon as possible or there won't be time to accomplish it. You might ask, "Where's our Groundsman?" We can assure you that he is being kept very busy in preparation for the  SLE biennial event!

Last time we also had a freshly painted Big Blue Dock for our guests but a new painting of it is not scheduled until next year. It seems to have not held up well through this past winter and if you wish to put a fresh coat on the floor and furniture, please check with the Grounds Chair, Jill Knitter, or let the SLI office know of your willingness. Make them an offer they can't refuse!

Last Night's Sunset Set the Stage
for Some Interesting Water Sports

Two women caught the "Sunset Club's" attention as they stood on waterboards and paddled their way forward. We doubted they could use either of their very busy hands to wave back to us--but they did! Jet skies seem to be traveling faster and faster and especially in the mid-to-late evening hours. Such a marvelous variety of both loud boats and nearly silent boats are observable both day and night. What a privilege to sit so close and enjoy this historic lake.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Progress is Evident in the Installing
of New Ames Walkway Signs

Genesee Avenue Entrance to Ames Walkway
The cap is over the foundation where the new sign pole which labels the Walkway, drops into place for the July 1 through Labor Day 15-minute parking restriction if a resident doesn't have their own land on which to park to load and unload.

Perry Avenue Entrance to Ames Walkway
One of several tire ruts filled with mud and water can be seen between the new sign location and the decorative white pillar.

The Seagulls of Silver Lake Leave
their Artwork on New Boat-covers

Just a few of the many dozens of seagulls that perch on the docked boats in the SLI Marina.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Cloudy Sunset at SLI's Big Dock

SLA Water Quality Golf Tournament
is Scheduled for this Saturday

The SLA Water Quality Golf Tournament will be held at the SL Golf Course July 27th. A few team openings are still available. Our committee is still looking for basket donations for our raffle. All are welcome to buy tickets the day of the tournament. Winners do not need to be present to win!

SLA July Meeting had Joseph Kirisits, Bob Blauers Bringing Important Info.

The Silver Lake Association's (SLA) July 13th meeting shared information with the 32 in attendance from the 2 guest speakers, Joseph Kirisits, Boat Steward at the State Public Launch on Silver Lake, and Bob Blauers, Remax Reality. 

Joseph explained his duties that help benefit Silver Lake by watching, inspecting, and educating boaters using the state launch, on the transfer of water invasive species that can be transported from other bodies of water to our lake. 

Bob talked about the comparisons of Silver Lake to other lakes in the region. He commented on how fortunate Silver Lakers are to have such an active Water Quality Committee and our quality of life on this lake proves that. Bob also gave a very informative talk on this year's assessments.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

2019: Where Does SLI Go from Here?

This week's Silver Lake Newsletter will examine some possibilities for SLI as its Worship Committee meets with some additional Board guests on July 29th and then as that is reported and discussed at the August 4th Board Meeting. Historically speaking, change is no stranger to the Silver Lake Institute and will continue to challenge us to keep up with the changing times and generations.

SLI's current chapter in its history began in 2013 with the establishment of the Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee and its first two events--one in 2015 and one in 2017. They now prepare for next month's 2019 four-day event, fashioned after a Chatauqua style program. In the midst of that was SLI's official and legal separation from the United Methodist Church on February 2, 2016 and our recent designation as a 501.3c NP, standing on SLI's own strength.

This season is capping off with newly elected trustees who already seem to have a vision, in harmony with bold, new plans for Epworth Hall. The re-introduction of electrical power in Burt Park adds to a few of the unsung possibilities that will be emerging. Those active but originally hesitant about the changes are finally giving way to the momentum, and hoping the results will be all that is imagined as the next chapter in the Institute's history is begun.

Asked what might have been helpful in changing their minds there were two reasons that have been repeated to us: (1) The Institute has weathered many changes before and successfully came through them; (2) The statement used by a retired pastor at the Spring SLI Board meeting, "The church is not a building, the church is the people."

Some People were Away for the Weekend but the Faithful Remnant Were at Stoody Hall with Guests

One of the interesting dynamics of our team this morning was that both the worship leader and the Guest Speaker were former Evangelical United Brethren, as was SLI's last chaplain who sat in the audience, enjoying his new ability to relax and not be responsible for the worship program and all of its related details. At one point, both David and Larry served in the same church years back. This was, however, not planned this way for this morning but was random. The Evangelical United Brethren merged with the Methodist Church in 1968, making some happy and some not so much.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A New Article, principally an email from the Board President
answering many questions, has Been Posted in the
Password Section for SLI Residents.

Results of the Late Evening Heat Index

90 degrees at 4:18 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
84 degrees at 4:26 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
86 degrees at 4:54 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
85 degrees at 6:15 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
78 degrees at 9:56 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
78 degrees at 10:56 pm Saturday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
74 degrees at 2:45 am Sunday, July 20, 2019, Silver Lake, NY
---end of tracking---

Shake on the Lake Sponsors Breakfast Cafe and Performs Vigorous Vocals

Shake on the Lake (SOTL), WNY's premiere rural  acting troupe, has been putting on one of SLI's Saturday Breakfast Cafe's each Season for SLI residents, in appreciation for using the Silver Lake Institute as their home base for rehearsals and occasional rain location. In addition, cottage owners volunteer to rent vacant cottages to them for housing. Today they served two types of breakfast pizza, Fasnachtkiegles (Pre-Lenten German pastry), fresh fruit, fruit drinks and coffee.
Shake on the Lake started in 2012 with one show in one location and now tours to eight counties in Western New York. Founder and theatre artist Josh Rice believed that his hometown of Perry, New York deserved great theatre on Silver Lake. He convened a company with actors from throughout the country to perform in residency at the historic Silver Lake Institute. 

Dreams Come True . . . Some Unusual, Exotic Animals Coming to Burt Park

The SLI Program Committee dreamed of occasional outdoor concerts; the Worship Committee dreamed of occasional outdoor Worship Services; and the Silver Lake Experience Committee needed more workshop space in addition to their need of a great outdoor location for everything from Flower Arranging to  their "World Safari" (S19) by the Buffalo Zoo Education Department.

In the Zoo's hour-long program, they take a "trip" to the seven continents of the world. The biomes of each continent are reviewed, and several notable species native to each are discussed to emphasize the diversity of wildlife in that region. A live animal is paired with the discussion of each continent to illustrate the adaptations of that species to their particular niche.'

Immediately following the presentation, there will be a half hour available to meet the animals presented, ask questions, and explore a variety of biofacts (items such as bones, pelts, horns, etc.) from animals discussed in the presentation. This is a family friendly presentation. Register for the Silver Lake Experience, www.silverlakeexperience.org, then sign up for S19 to be offered at the Burt Park Tent.

After 101 Years, Electrical Power was Returned to Burt Park Thurs., July 18

Through the persistent efforts of the Program, Worship, and Experience Committees, the Trustee Board approved a low bid contract with Beardsley Electrical for electricity to be re-installed from scratch in Bishop Burt Park in 2019 and this past week it "was, and is, and ever more shall be." Actually, Beardley's part of the work was completed several weeks ago, it was NYSEG which we were waiting on to complete the hookup to the grid.

All three committees and a number of "worker bees" had been dreaming of things that could be to enhance Burt Park, in the center of the SLI community, and give it even more usefulness. Ideas such as occasional outdoor concerts; occasional outdoor Worship Services; and the Silver Lake Experience needed more workshop space in addition to their need of a great outdoor location for their "World Safari" (S19) by the Buffalo Zoo Education Department.

The first building to be built on the grounds of the Silver Lake Institute (then Camp Wesley) was the amphitheater also known as the auditorium which was located in what was then called "Auditorium Park." It was first used in 1888 and began without electrical power, but the dream existed because many ssmall villages were purchasing electrical generators which the Institute also did about a decade later. So the Park had electrical power at the auditorium for approximately 18-20 years before the regrettable arson fire of the auditorium when power was lost to the Park in 1918.

Square Dance Lessons Saturday, July 20th, 10:30 to Noon in Epworth Hall

Square Dance Lessons by Eric Kelly will be offered in Epworth Hall today from 10:30 am to Noon, all in preparation for next Friday's Annual Square Dance at 7:30 pm also in Epworth Hall. Come join the fun!
Another New Article Posted in the SLI Password Section.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Warsaw Chorus Presents a Combination of New Material, and Golden Oldies



 Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Weather Updated: Jul 19 2:28PM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


Appointments for Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collections Coming in September

The September 14 Household Hazardous Waste Collection and the September 21 Electronics Collection are taking appointment forms for each. Act quickly as there are a limited number of appointments available. If you or anyone you know has these materials and wants to dispose of them, you and they should not wait to call or email for appointments. Appointment forms are available below by clicking on "Read More." The information being requested is the information you’ll need in order to make an appointment and participate in these collections.

Feel free to contact Peggy Grayson if you have  any questions or there is anything she can do for you.

Peggy Grayson, Recycling Administrator
GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee
Genesee County Bldg. 2
3837 W. Main St. Rd.
Batavia, NY  14020-9404

Ph: 800/836-1154 or 585/344-2580 ext. 5463 or 585/815-7906
Fax: 585/345-3061

The Heat Index is a function of temperature and relative humidity. The combination of the two results in an apparent temperature which gives an idea of what it would feel like under normal-to-low humidity conditions. The heat index also applies to shady, light wind conditions, so it feels even hotter than the heat index if a person is in direct sun. In the midst of a hot, dry, wind a person would also feel hotter than the heat index value due to the wind effects. Excessive and dangerous heat indices occur mostly during the summer months with the abundance of moisture and increased heat.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sunset Group Feels Sun's Intensity Before Lake Breezes Take Over

The Weather Bureau issued an Extreme Heat Alert earlier in the day and posted the Heat Index at 93 degrees. A similar warning is anticipated for tomorrow. Tonight after feeling the unfiltered heat and rays of the sun, large lake wakes began rolling into the shore and with them came a ground-level breeze that finally brought a sense of relief. When the sun went behind heavy clouds, the refreshing breeze filled the air and all present enjoyed taking it in.

Asbury Chicken BBQ - 4 to 6 pm Tonight (Thursday)

Worship Team to Meet Monday Morning, July 29th,Prior to
Aug. 3rd Board Meeting

When the Worship Committee meets a week from Monday, it will include invited guests who regularly express a love for the practice of Worship, including the SLI Trustee Board President. All will  be seeking to identify the future directions of the religious program of the Silver Lake Institute and what may or may not be needed from the Board to make current programs, and any newly emerging vision possible.

There is a time being allotted at the August 3rd Board meeting for a discussion on attempting to agree on future directions of the religious program of the Institute. The Worship Committee feels that it will be able to contribute more intelligently in the larger August 3rd meeting by having a smaller meeting prior to the larger meeting.

New article posted in Password Section.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

As Skies Clear, Dessert on Dock Takes Place on Dock for Residents, Guests

Appreciation is extended to Sarah Clark who dried off  Dock tables and seats, making them 100% usable for those that came to enjoy the time with friends and new acquaintances. Many good conversations took place. As cleanup was taking place, clouds moved back into the beautifully blue sky and random mini-drops of rain were intermittent in their fall. Everyone made it home dry.

Dessert on the Dock may be in Hoag Because of Off-and-On Again Rain

Tonight's Dessert on the Dock will be held and possibly on the Dock if everything dries out and the sky becomes less threatening. The sun has been shining in between the rainy periods, as it is doing now which is just over 2 hours away. Bring a dessert to share and hope to see you there!

Warsaw Barbershop Chorus is this Friday on Summer Concert Series

Silver Lake Institute's own Fred Nobbs will be a part of the Warsaw Barbershop Chorus this Friday at 7:30 pm at Epworth Hall. Fred is pictured in the first row, second from the right. The group got rave reviews last Summer when it performed briefly under the Tent in Bishop Burt Park on the grounds of the Silver Lake Institute and resulted in their being scheduled for this summer for a full concert.

Breakfast Cafe's Put Smiles on Faces

Photo by Nancy Culley
Last Saturday's Breakfast Cafe was hosted by the Schultz's and the Turner's assisted by the Horowitz's and its theme was "Hawaiian. Just before entering, each visitor received a Hawaiian Lay like those being worn in the photo to the left by Suzanne Bristow and Linda Mairs. The breakfast foods were also with hints of tropical flavor. Of course is what unique, but residents love each and every breakfast whether or not it has a theme or a newly-named dish. SLI residents come mainly for the gathering of friends and to sit and chat over coffee or fruit juice.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday Mid-Afternoon Showers

SLI Sunset Group Gives High Marks to
a Significantly Successful Weekend

From the Grizzwoode Band on Friday night, through SLI Breakfast, on to the Annual Cottage-Owners Meeting, and then on to a third day of successful events as we celebrated 50 years of service for our primary community musician who served as accompanist for so many years. Adding to the weekend was Ms. Hoffner's family reunion on Saturday. She survived it!! She was smiling and telling great stories today. Thank you for being our friend and neighbor.
* * * * * * *
Bill Schaefer received great credit and applause for his leadership and commitment to the SLI cause. Two spontaneous requests received Bill's immediate and positive response. "I need a speed bump near Camp Rd. and Lakeview Ave. to protect my daughter from speeding drivers." Bill's immediate response, "It will be installed." 

From another, "As a community we need to talk about everything involving Epworth Hall." Bill's response, "Next month's Trustee meeting will provide the opportunity for discussion." 

Perhaps the most troubling question came from a relatively new resident who said that an Institute billboard was situated on her property facing post office pedestrian traffic. She inquired, without explanation, "Why did you remove it?" Bill reminded her that she had asked him to remove it, so he did. It was so unfortunate that she was unable to remember asking to have it removed and continued to confront Bill with the same question and no further details or explanation. Since we all hate to see Bill having to unnecessarily experience that, might the Monday evening Sunset Group suggest that the Institute get every property-type request in writing so as to help residents who can't always recall "details." (Sorry about the Monday evening quarterbacking; at least it wasn't "Monday Morning Quarterbacking!") Keep up the good work, Bill; we're behind you! ... :-)

Monday, July 15, 2019

Coming Soon: "The Snow-Covered
Leaf Pile and Teenagers on a Mission"

A Short Story written for the Silver Lake Institute community about a low priority negative being turned into a feel good story of determination, cooperation, and success. The Short Story will appear in the Password Section of The Silver Lake Newsletter because the setting is within the Institute community and involves a violation of a rather simple community rule on the proper disposal of leaves, and an inspirational ending. Interested SLI residents may watch for its imminent release (top of left hand column).