Saturday, June 1, 2019

Yard Sales Didn't Live Up to Expectations, Especially
with all that Free Publicity

Some folks still collect and have some very unique and fascinating collections. Some folks have garage sale collections--items they collect for the purpose of recirculating them at garage and/or yard sales. Others say they do not have the time nor the energy to hold on to large collections, hauling it all out, transporting it, giving an exciting sales pitch, sometimes wrapping it, collecting money, making change, and hauling it all back to the storage closet or basement.

Hundreds of dollars worth of local advertising was spent to give Silver Lake residents (lake-wide) a great opportunity to have people find their Yard Sale display. Many traveled around the lake asking where each lake area's Silver Lake Yard Sales were located. The responses were interesting based on the emphasis on "Lake-wide" in all of the publicity. Nevertheless, the common response was to refer the inquirer to Epworth Hall as the location where all the sales were located . . . and they weren't too far off. 

The exception to the rule were the residents of Lakeview Avenue and other miscellaneous volunteers who got involved both outside and inside of Epworth Hall. It's really rather sad that all of that publicity--meant for all of the residents of all areas of the lake--benefited a very limited number of the community. And maybe that is, as it should be or has to be--a subject needing further study.

Is the heyday of the Yard Sales generally seen its best days prior to 2019? Or is it simply a small time phenomenon, resistant to big-time advertising and cooperative efforts? Again ... more study needed.

One of the best parts, along with seeing some unique and unusual items, is the company and the conversations--seeing folks you haven't seen in quite a while, and enjoying some quick but fun catch-up talk. Included were Sue Russell who Directs the Asbury Camp & Retreat Center and her assistant Rachael; Mark Emmerson who heads up the SL Association; Kathy Schaefer who co-chairs the SL Experience with Sue Russell; Bill Schaefer who heads up the SL Institute; Loren Penman and Julie Hoffner, co-chairs of the SLI Program Committee; Rev. Greg Franklin, retired SLI Chaplain; and many other familiar neighbors and friends!

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