Sunday, June 9, 2019

UNYAC Now Associated with Progressives after Traditionalists' WCA Publishes Story about Leaving the UMC

After reading the documents provided by the Wesleyan Covenant Association (Click HERE to read about WAC.) and taking some notes from the latest scuttlebutt, the Silver Lake Newsletter concludes that the Traditionalist congregations of the Upper New York Annual Conference (UNYAC) have already decided to pull up roots from within the United Methodist Church (UMC) and plant them in the WCA without further consideration of circumstances regarding the UMC. 

If these Traditionalist congregations do this before the 2020 General Conference of the UMC, they take themselves out of the UMC and therefore out of the debate of what the UMC should be or what it should believe. 

If they leave, those remaining would be part of a new majority made up of progressives, creating a new dilemma for other Traditionalists not associated with the relatively newly formed WAC. The local Perry congregation could live with being a part of the open thinking and welcoming attitude of the progressives toward LGBTQ family members, church members, and community members wishing to attend from the surrounding Perry community.

The promised report of the results of the UNYAC meeting in Syracuse this past week, will be given to the Perry congregation this coming Thursday evening at 6:30 pm in the Perry sanctuary. At this particular point, things are looking up.

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