Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Year was 2012 and No SLI Board Member knew Where or When to Dispose of Old Electronics

The year is now 2019 and the SLI Board members knew at today's Board meeting that there are locations where old electronics can be dropped off. However, it appeared that no one knew where or when and off hand, no one knew where to go to find out.

Back in 2012, the Editor of the Silver Lake Institute News Blog heard the need, researched it online, and within 24 hours, had published both a news story on the subject and also established a permanent spot in the left-hand column under the category of "General Information" with the sub-category of "Electronics Disposal" containing all the dates and places to where residents could drop off their old electronics. 

After the ensuing seven years, no one present today raised the point of information about where people could look to find out where to dispose of their old electronics. 

The Editor was present at today's meeting taking notes about the items discussed to distribute among residents by way of the internet's Silver Lake Newsletter. The Editor noted that there were at least six regular readers of the Newsletter present who did not speak up, but who have spoken up many times before. 

Undoubtedly, each had their reasons for not speaking up, which upon thinking about it, was kind of a sad commentary but Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡ (whatever will be, will be). Perhaps the saddest part is that had these persons been reminded about the Electronics Disposal at the April meeting, they probably would not have missed it on May 12, 2019, 9 am to Noon, Perry-Warsaw Airport.

Then again, people's lives are busy and its hard to keep up with it all, so the Editor vowed to himself to make the electronics disposal into a new article each Spring so folks can be easily reminded just by reading the top news of the day.

If readers, however, want to be ahead of the game, they can still go to the "General Information" section, read ahead, and mark their calendars. It's our pleasure to serve you (me and my helpers) in as many different ways as possible!

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