Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Summer Kickoff Worship Service at the Dock Ready to Go 4 Weeks in Advance

July 7th at 10:30 am is the date and time for the Opening Family Worship Service of the 2019 Summer Season. The Big Blue Dock's Green and Garden area is the location. This location continues to be one of the most popular locations for the annual opening worship. The Silver Lake Choir will sing on August 4th on the front porch of Stoody Hall (inside if rain breaks out). A glance at the Season's Schedule follows under "Read More."

Inspirational Speakers Series: 2019
and Worship Services
JULY 10:30 am 
 07 -Worship Service Kickoff Sunday with Don Weaver
        Location: Big Blue Dock *
        followed by Hot Dog Fellowship 

  14 - Inspirational Speaker Celebrating J. Hoffner's 50 Years

        Location: Epworth Hall
        Guest Speaker: Greg McClain (retired, Hamburg Wesleyan)
        Special Music: George Miller
21 - Worship Service (People's Choice) 
        Location: Stoody Hall
        Guest Speaker: David Lubba
28 - Annual Lake-wide Memorial Service 
        Location: Epworth Hall
        Service of Remembrance: Members SLI Service Committee
AUGUST 10:30 am
04 - Worship Service - SLE Co-Chair, and Inspirational Speaker
        Location: Stoody Hall         from Asbury Retreat Center
   ...  Special Music: Silver Lake Choir
11 - Worship Service - SLE Weekend Chaplain
        Location: Bishop Burt Park (under the Tent)
        Guest Speaker: PA Hospice Chaplain Mark Harris, SLE 2019
.       Sarah Chasey, Manhattan School of Music, NYC 

18 - Inspirational Musical Message
        Spiritual Concert with Prayer and
        Guest Vocalists:  The Dunnemans at Stoody Hall

25 - Worship Service - Inspirational Speaker

        Location: Stoody Hall 
        Guest Speaker: Paul Robinson

SEPTEMBER 10:30 am 
  1 - Season's Closing Service at Big Blue Dock *
        Guest Speaker: Mary Martin        
        Season Gaveled Closed by SLI President
        followed by Hot Dog Fellowship

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