Monday, June 17, 2019

Owner of #9 Haven Ave. Began Work Today on Long-Running Unfinished Exterior Work and Deterioration

UPDATE 1 -- The west side of both the upper porch and the lower porch have now been enclosed and work continued through the first half of today (Tuesday).

UPDATE 2 -- We assume he is going to be back since the stairs are not done and there is yellow tape blocking the porch. The new siding on the west side of the building is--in and of itself, nice--but does not fit the architecture of the home and appears to be yet another patch to the growing patchwork of siding and repair.

Drawing near to a deadline set by the former Castile Zoning Officer nearly three years ago, the owner of 9 Haven Ave. was present on site today working on his property. The roar of the generator was heard early in the day and continued on late in the afternoon. 

The owner was seen working on the  deteriorated east side of the porch wh.ich includes the damaged stairs. Later he was seen working on the Perry Ave. side of the building apparently preparing to enclose the area under the westerly extended roof.

The biggest evidence of work taking place was his street-parked pickup truck and car-trailer with the generator running in the load bed of the pickup. Most of today's work appeared to be in preparation for replacement of porch stairs and damaged floor. Today's work under the extended roof also appeared to be in preparation for the necessary framing that would precede the increasing of the square footage of internal living space.

While the prospects for the sale or renting of the building are not necessarily increased. He has told more than one resident that he has many fond memories of the place and does not wish to sell. Either way, decent repairs will be warmly welcomed.

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