Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Newsletter Back Online after Spending the Day being Cleaned Up from a Powerful Malware Attack

The Silver Lake Newsletter was unharmed by the overnight attack of a powerful malware made possible by a computer re-set which erroneously eliminated the Malware preventive and protective software. The attack began a few short hours later to the newly unguarded computer.

When the computer was fully powered up in the morning, the partial attack turned into a full blown takeover, preventing normal operation of the computer. The Newsletter website and three email accounts were rendered useless as long as the malware remained in place.

I engaged the Marquee IT firm to do a complete scrub of the system which took place during the regular business hours of Today (Tuesday). Their service was one of the best that I have known and worth every penny of their monthly fee which includes regular upgrades to keep ahead of hackers and malware-planters. The Newsletter is back in full operation as of 6 pm Tuesday.

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