Thursday, June 13, 2019

New Utility Pole has been 'Set' in Position to Receive Power Lines
for Park Concerts and Worship

This week, Beardsley Electric worked to install a new utility pole  approximately half way between the Pavilion (old sand box) and Genesee Ave. The next step will be to install a meter, cut-off breaker, and outdoor style outlet. At that point, the power lines can be run from the NYSEG utility pole on the south side of Genesee Ave. over to the new pole on the north side. The wires will then be installed on the new pole and into the equipment on the pole.

This project will return electrical power to Burt Park for the first time in 101 years--ever since the amphitheater burned down in 1918. The principal beneficiaries of the new power supply will be The Silver Lake Experience, the Worship Committee, and the Program Committee for starters and probably in that order.

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