Sunday, June 9, 2019

SLI Grounds, Waterfront Committees Make Plans for Annual Property
and Waterfront Inspections

Silver Lake is our little corner of the world for us to both enjoy and for which to take responsibility. For some of us, it is a vacation haven for a limited number of weeks or months per year in which to enjoy. For others of us, it is also the joy of warm weather, but it is doubly ours as the only residence which we have. It doesn't matter the category in which you fall, for each of us it is our corner of the world to enjoy and for which to take responsibility. (The Waterfront will be inspected July 4th weekend.)

In order to have full enjoyment and gain pleasure from what we view with our eyes and in order to have pride in the community to which we invite our families, friends and acquaintances, we need to be looking at decent, clean, and in-repair buildings and grounds. There is no enjoyment from an elected representative having to make an evaluation of the condition and "beauty" of many of their neighbors and friends. They simply have a job to do and do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible in hopes of getting all positive feedback and an appreciation for the unenviable job they have chosen to do for the benefit of all who live at Silver Lake and seek to enjoy it to its fullest.

No one is suggesting a complete makeover into another Chautauqua Institute in all its richness  and expense. The majority of Silver Lakers are simply after a waterfront that is free of debris, junk, parts of docks, boats, or other paraphernalia and where the docks and sitting areas are in good repair and appear to be decently groomed. It's a combination of personal pride and of our individual responsibility for community pride. It makes little sense to pay ever-increasing waterfront taxes only to have to observe tall grass and weeds and buildings in need of repair or even a simple coat of new paint.

Totally abandoned building are not acceptable. If your building is being used as a tax loss, that is your business, but it becomes the business of the community when you cause it to look like it is abandoned as it stands in various degrees of need. Your SLI Board encourages you to contact the County Code Enforcement Officer if you have a building in your neiighborhood that is sub-par and in need of attention.The new Code Enforcement Officer is Don Roberts and his number is (585) 786-8820. There is also a complaint form that can be received by email in pdf format. We have requested the former and will publish it with details as soon as it arrives. Let's be proud of our communities surrounding Silver Lake and help to make them an exceptional place in which to live!

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