Monday, June 10, 2019

Electricity in Process of
Returning to Burt Park

After 101 years since the last connection of electrical power existed into Burt Park, this Wednesday will be the first visible sight of its return as a utility pole will be set in the ground in preparation to receive electrical power lines from NYSEG. This is a SLI Board approved project and the contract was awarded to Beardsley through the bidding process.

The last electrical power in the Park was when power lines extended to the amphitheater for lighting. Power to the Park was lost to the arson fire of the amphitheater in 1918. 

The new power connection is expected to be particularly useful for the Worship and Program committees as they bring occasional worship services and concerts in the Park. The Silver Lake Experience will be utilizing the power supply for its part of the program which will be held in the Park at the SLE tent. Worship will be held on August 11th under the tent in the Park.

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