Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ames Walkway Signs Ready to be Installed at both Ends behind White Pillars; No Parking July 1-Sep. 2

One of the many signs of the Silver Lake Institute's Official Season Opening is that of Ames Avenue Walkway being returned to walkway status for the July-through-Sept. Labor Day Weekend. Fifteen minute parking is permitted on Ames for loading and unloading for anyone without any other access to their property. Most properties are accessible by way of Hamline and Haven Avenues--both paved roads.

Whether or not the colored flags get posted this year to show guest pedestrians the Ames Walkway and whether or not the tire-ruts get filled in, residents are asked to abide by the safety regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees and not permit wheeled vehicles on Ames Walkway during the summer season. Your help will make for a safe and efficient season--especially since this is also a Silver Lake Experience year when the number of guests will increase during August 8-11. (See your Epworthian newsletter mailed to each resident with their Spring tax bill for a complete list of events and activities. Check also

The July 1st signs being installed are removable by SLI Staff and/or LRPC Chair and will be removed after the Monday of Labor Day weekend for the winter and until next July 1.

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