Wednesday, May 29, 2019

This Weekend Kicks Off the Start of an Early Season Using May and June Dates

The Memorial Day Holiday this year, seemed to portray an early beginning to the 2019 season, as it also began the concentrated advertising on an equally early scheduling of two major events--the Silver Serpent Triathlon, sponsored by the Asbury Retreat Center, and Lake-wide Yard Sale event, sponsored by the Silver Lake Institute and Silver Lake Experience, with the Silver Lake Association fully participating. In other words, Silver Lake comes alive for the first week in June of 2019. 

Since we have often heard that the regular season -- July and August -- is often said to be "so short" and moves "so fast" that folks are never really ready to return home when the time comes.  That's not a bad thing, it's good to want more of something than wishing it would end early! Somehow, however, so much is packed into the 9 or 10 weeks, that simple relaxing or family time is at a premium. The Triathlon on Sunday, next to the Lake-wide Yard Sale on Friday and Saturday, is a good combination for an early beginning and the "stretching" of our summer season. 
The two swimming events, first on the schedule, will take off from the Asbury boat launch, a little southwest of the Koinonia building. This will be followed by two running events which will take off from the SLI's Big Blue Dock area and head north. The third event, the two bike races will begin from the Asbury start location.


The Yard Sale will be located on private properties but primarily on the SLI Greenway between the lake shore and Lakeview Ave., and in Bishop Burt Park on Perry Ave. between Genesee, Janes, and Embury Ave. A special layout of tables will be in Epworth Hall and include not only yard sale items, but also information tables on the participating non-profits of Silver Lake (SLA, SLE, SLI, Asbury). You will be able to register for this year's Silver Lake Experience (Aug. 8-11) at the SLE table on both days.

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