Saturday, May 25, 2019

T-Storm Separated into Two Sections as it Passed Over the Silver Lake Basin

 We had a beautiful shot of the red line separation but was unable to draw it up when we were ready to post it.

The red line of severe T-Storms in the LEFT photo shows what the line of storms looked like well after it had passed Silver Lake. The very same line appeared to the LEFT (west) of Silver Lake as it moved to pass directly over the Silver Lake Basin.

The red line of severe T-Storms in the RIGHT photo diagrams how the red line split into two sections as it drew close to the Silver Lake Basin and remained split until after it had cleared the Silver Lake Basin at which time it came back together as a single red line of severe storms.

This explains why after the initial heavy winds and heavy rain, the next wave of severe storms did not appear--only the very dark clouds. Silver Lake often does not receive forecast rain or storms that seem to be headed our way but ultimately do not land in the basin area. It must be the diversity of air pressure created by the high hills in the area, such as Rt. 20A, and the low valleys relatively close to the hills such as the Warsaw valley and the unofficial Silver Lake valley (low area).

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