Friday, May 17, 2019

Reminder: Two Weeks from Today,
May 31st, is the First Day of the
Two-Day Lake-wide Yard Sale

May 31st and June 1st are the two-days of Yard Sale this year immediately followed by the local races of the National Triathlon beginning Sunday at 9 am at the Asbury Retreat Center shoreline. The running event begins shortly afterward from the Big Blue Dock at the Institute. There will be both long and short races of each. After that are the bicycle races, one of which will circle Silver Lake.

Yard Sales may be set up on private properties or in Institute's Burt Park or Greenway along the Silver Lake Shore in the Institute. Two days prior, Friday and Saturday, there will be up to 20 tables in Epworth Hall, one-third of which will be information tables from Silver Lake organizations, and two-thirds tables of Craft and Yard Sale specials.

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