Monday, May 27, 2019

Holiday Weekend had 2 Warm Days, with 1 Spectacularly Sunny Final Day; Don't Miss Silver Lake Next Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend has traditionally been the official beginning of the Summer Season for more than one municipality looking to prolong their experience of WNY's ever so brief "calendar summer." Silver Lake, its businesses and residents are inching toward this phenomenon. 

This year the Silver Lake Association, Silver Lake Experience, Silver Lake Institute, Asbury Camp & Retreat Center are each taking part in this week's early beginning schedule of activities. On Friday, May 31st, just four days after the Memorial Day holiday, all of these groups are participating in the combined Lake-wide Yard Sales which will extend through Saturday. 

The Yard Sales will be held on individual private properties, with invitations to set up on the Silver Lake Institute's Greenway (between the lake shore and Lakeview Ave.) and in Bishop Burt Park on Perry Ave. just one block south of the Post Office (between Genesee, Janes, and Embury).

Epworth Hall will also contain a special setup by each of the above groups--SLA, SLE, SLI, and Asbury--including information tables, yard sale tables related to each group, and a registration table for this August 8-11's Silver Lake Experience. 

Following Friday and Saturday's Yard Sale activities, Asbury Retreat Center, 16 Lakeside Ave., is sponsoring the . . .
. . . a local experience of the National Triathlon beginning at early Sunday with the two swimming races (short and long) from Asbury's lake shore, just a little south of the Koinonia building. The Runners' Races (short and long) follows from SLI's Big Blue Dock and ends with the Bycycle Races. 

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