Thursday, May 30, 2019

Former Chaplain Starts New Ministry
of Music; Relinquishes Recruiting of Speakers, Worship/Liturgy Planning

In January, the Rev. Greg Franklin agreed to become an accompanist at the Perry First United Methodist Church where he served as its pastor from 2005 through Nov. 1, 2009. He is serving there now as one of the musicians for congregational singing by playing the baby grand piano. He has also agreed to serve as assistant organist which begins next month. 

Rev. Greg, a member of the Silver Lake Institute Worship Committee, was the SLI Chaplain from 2008 through Feb. 2018 when he retired due to the elimination of the chaplain position. Upon the request of the Worship Committee Chair, Rev. Don Weaver, he continued most of his previous chaplain responsibilities during the transition years (the seasons of 2018 and 2019).

This month he submitted his request to resign (effective August 31, 2019) from two of his three worship committee responsibilities in order to make room for practice, choir rehearsal and performance times as accompanist. Rev. Don has accepted his resignation with thanks and appreciation and for continuing as special music recruiter for the SLI Worship Committee.

Greg will be one of two guest speakers at the Labor Day Weekend worship service of the New Hope UMC in West Seneca, NY. He looks forward to being the liturgist and memorial bell ringer at this year's lake-wide Memorial Service on July 28th, and worshiping at the Institute four out this season's nine services at various Institute locations.

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