Monday, May 13, 2019

First 5-Second Power Failure of 2019
Signals Early Start to the New Season

Very shortly after 12 Noon today, Silver Lake customers of NYSEG experienced their first brief power failure of the 2019 season. Ironically, even a brief five-second break in service, such as today, still requires at least a full minute for cable TV and internet to re-set and become usable again.

What is it about the Spring and Summer months that seem to be ideal conditions for these short power losses? The question goes beyond the customers of NYSEG, right to the authority itself who promised to let customers know when NYSE&G discovered the cause. Since we haven't heard from them in almost a year, we assume they don't know either. Had they discovered the cause, we can be assured it would have appeared as a highlight in one of their monthly promotional flyers arriving with the bill.


  1. On Tuesday, Google placed my account on a "security hold" while they examine why the system triggered a security alert. The hold, as of yesterday, was for 3 to 5 days. Blogspot is a subsidiary of Google. Your patience is appreciated.

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    2. Google's 3 to 5 day requirement to solve a Google problem seems a little unreasonable. Google either doesn't have enough "help people" or their system is too complicated for both the customer and the repair people.