Sunday, May 12, 2019

Epworth Bees, Previously Located in Decorative Front Pillar, Now Gone

Two members of the SLI Grounds Committee left the monthly Trustee Meeting to meet with Bee-man, Doug Streeter, to examine the decorative Epworth column-pillar on the north side of the front entrance of Epworth. This is the time of the year to examine new swarming and other activities of bees. The two returned to give their timely report to the Board.

Mr. Streeter was happy to report that there was no bee activity anywhere around the pillar. He further examined a section of the inside of the pillar and discovered that rodents, most likely, had destroyed the honey combs that were previously intact. He described a quick and inexpensive action to take to prevent any bee return prior to a more permanent repair of the column-pillar.

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