Friday, May 31, 2019

Day 1 of Lake-wide Yard Sales
Opened to Enthusiastic Shoppers
with Slower Paced Afternoon

Early Shot of a small section of the Yard Sales at Epworth Hall Friday morning.
Residents and friends were lined up outside of Epworth Hall today at 9:15 am for the indoor starting time of 10 am. Rewarding the patient behavior of the shoppers, they were let into the Sale at 9:45 am and activity was strong most of the rest of the morning.

Reports were coming in that both Burt Park and the SLI Greenway were devoid of Yard Sale displays. One response to that report was that neighborhood rumor had it that Saturday was going to be the busier and wider participation day.

One resident of Lakeview Avenue reported that they could not get their sale items onto the Greenway fast enough because people were taking them even before reaching the Greenway. Perhaps this is why no displays, per se, were seen just standing on the Greenway. Planners are anxious to see what role, if any, the Greenway and Park will play throughout the day tomorrow.

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