Saturday, May 11, 2019

'Busiest' Woman in SLI Submits Board Resignation; Board President Calls
For More Workers on SLI Board

Loren Penman
Loren Penman, clearly one of the busiest women working hard for the Silver Lake Institute (SLI), who gives many of her days and nights for the benefit of the Institute has resigned from her Trusteeship, effective April 15, 2019. 

Loren has decided she can best serve the Silver Lake Institute at this time by giving her full attention to the grant writing responsibilities required for the Institute to continue to qualify for the recent State grant. SLI was awarded the grant for the replacement of the Epworth roof and for the repair and correction of some systems at Epworth Hall including drainage and electrical.

Ms. Penman also has served diligently on the SLI Program committee and has helped to bring some very dynamic talent to our Performing Arts Stage at Epworth Hall. One wonders where she has found the time to accomplish all that she has in the last number of years while still keeping up with family, friends, and Facebook pages! 

The SLI Board offers its sincerest apppreciation for the work Loren has done and continues to do in the faithful execution of the Epworth project.

President Bill Schaefer urged all members of the SLI Board to work diligently in seeking new workers for the Trustee Board, preferably younger since so many who serve do so in their Golden Years. In her report to the Board, Joan Maddison reminded the Board that the Inspirational Speakers Committee currently consists of no one younger than 71.

Board membership requires one two-hour meeting monthly between April and October, one annual meeting which gets scheduled for the second Saturday of each July. Lastly, each Board member should serve on at least one committee of the Board. If you are an SLI resident and willing to serve, please get in touch with Bill Schaefer,, or 585-237-6639.

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