Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2nd 5-Second Power Failure of Season, But 2 Minutes for TV Service to Return

At approximately 12:45 a.m. in the first "wee hour" of Tuesday morning, the cottage filled with electronic Tones as darkness filled the room. The darkness was not the inconvenience as much as missing the second half of the news story I was listening to, and then to remember to re-set the stove clock so it wouldn't wake me from sleep later on.

In one sense, it seems like it shouldn't be a big deal, but in another sense, I can't help but wonder if the electrical system is that sensitive or even that vulnerable to happen of its own accord (NYSEG can't give a reason for it). I am concerned that apparently Russian efforts could possibly be enhanced by the sensitivity of our system should they decide to try to test it or interfere with it in a county where the majority of residents do not care (I believe cows are in the majority).

Ironically, the power did not go out during that extremely windy rain storm the other day that caused tree damage, but apparently no damage to the power grid. I just wish I knew the reason, or at a minimum, that NYSEG knew the reason!

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Comment 1:

I was dismayed to learn that the problem of power inter-
ruptions, which began a year ago, has still not been 
resolved or even diagnosed.  I find this outrageous. 

I urge everyone to write or call our assemblyman David  
Di Pietro (716) 655-0951 or 411 Main Street, East Aurora 
NY 14052.  His email is: DiPietroD@nyAssembly.gov

 Perhaps he can get the NY State regulatory authority 
(NY Power Authority) to lean on NYSEG to address this
 issue.  His constituents count on him to work in their interest.

Anyone who feels inspired to contact NYPA themselves can call 
(914)681-6200 or 123 Main St. Corporate Communications, Mail 
Stop 10b, White Plains, NY 10601-3170.

Individual calls to NYSEG have not spurred them into action.  It’s 
time to get our public officials involved. But everyone needs to 
reach out so our situation is made more visible.

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Nancy Culley

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