Monday, April 8, 2019

You Asked; It's Time I Answered

I had been experiencing increasing difficulty getting in and out of my Dodge Durango truck and have been totally unable to get in and out of my son's Dodge RAM truck on those occasions when he picks me up, without an extreme amount of assistance from him. When my Durango engine seized up early last Fall, I was advised not to replace it because the rest of the vehicle was too rusted.

I started car shopping but was very surprised to experience how narrow they were building the driver's space; my shoulders were being crunched together forcing my arms on top of the wheel, making steering near impossible. This was a sign that it was going to take considerably longer to find something that would fit my large frame for a simple 5'8" height.''

As winter set in, it became harder and harder to shop for cars until I finally put it off until Spring. I decided I could pay off my cottage by April and then begin saving some pension money toward another vehicle come May. It was a good decision. Friends have been of tremendous help, especially on my bad days (spinal stenosis which cripples my legs in conjunction with very faulty leg veins which require compression hosiery) and give me considerable pain while I am on my feet. All of which has grown considerably worse since 2006.

I haven't driven since the early Fall of 2018, but hope to be in a vehicle of my own by July. Although driving outside of Silver Lake and Perry is no longer a safe exercise of my time. Keeping up with my medications, milk and bread, church, and banking are my primary reasons I have for the need of wheels, not to mention the need to travel around the Institute. I make my last cottage payment this Wednesday ... Hallelujah!

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