Monday, April 1, 2019

'Will You Do My Website?'
'Can We Talk?'

Graphic Artists and Web Site Builders make good money, and there's no waiting to make that money if one is school-trained as opposed to the longer process known as "OJT" (on-the-job training). 

I was privileged to enjoy six years of OJT followed by two years of school training. My experience has been in systems and programs as opposed to writing code from scratch, although knowing code always proves helpful and sometimes absolutely necessary.

Getting the "customer" to explain the dream they have for their website is one of the hardest parts to accomplish--especially if they are not accustomed to creative thinking and development. Even this first step can, at times, be time consuming and laborsome.

Out of the dozen or so sites that I developed for "customers," I did not take money for creating any of them. My largest site did, however, produce an income from advertising resulting in sales, rents, and clicks.

Yes, I offered my services to those working on the SLI website (, but even offering as much as I did, it does not eliminate the hours of work and responsibilities involved. Having a web site is an asset--a valuable holding. Part of its value comes from "the man hours" (or woman hours) invested.

We now enter one of several busiest times of the year for those of us on a program committee such as the Inspirational Speakers' Series which now begins nailing down special music. Nevertheless, I'm still available to provide help. 585-493-4003.

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