Saturday, April 6, 2019

SLI's First Trustee Meeting of 2019 Efficiently Executes Long Agenda; Work on Epworth Delayed 120 Days

This morning's meeting began with a report about this years Silver Lake Experience--bigger and better than ever, there is still a need for volunteers to help with visitors unfamiliar with the facilities of Silver Lake Institute and the Asbury Retreat Center.

Immediately following the SLE report, everyone present briefly introduced themselves to the Squires who joined our community late in the season last year and received a warm welcome. The Squires who are from our county's neighboring community of Wyoming, have been very interested in getting to know their new neighborhood as they work to prepare their cottage for moving in. They now own Dorothy and Clarence Clark's cottage which faces Burt Park at the corner of Genesee and Perry Avenues.

President Bill Schaefer then passed prepared file folders to each Board member, and carefully described how the various papers contained background information for many of the agenda items. For most, this was very helpful in keeping things moving along through well dispersed information.

After calling the quorum, President Schaefer asked Rev. Greg to lead the group in prayer. The retired chaplain thanked God for the many opportunities that have come our way and also prayed for strength and responsive love and compassion to rest upon Kathy Gildner in the loss of her husband, Jim.

The following good reports were approved: Treasurer's Report, Tree Removal Requests, High Praise for Craig Bateman's efficient and organizing work in the SLI Office, the Sutton Track Purchasers will soon be receiving their first opportunities for becoming active in the SLI community, and DEC Landfill Report with details in the SLI password section.

SLI volunteers are asked to give Bill their estimated volunteer hours on behalf of SLI to him for the annual 990 Report.

The previous Zoning Officer's position was dissolved and a new county-wide position established with Don Roberts serving in it. His number is 786-8820.

Ernie Lawrence may not be able to perform his originally scheduled concert this year. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Ernie.

Our Grounds Committee will again be conducting property inspections which will first be dealt with by letter from the Institute. If no results, it will then be passed on to Don Roberts on the county level.

Kris Schultz will be in touch with a contractor who deals with bee removal; also Tim Humberstone, a quality carpenter who will check out our decorative pillar on the front of Epworth Hall.

The culverts on Perry Ave. were supposed to be filled in this past Fall, but apparently, snow kept interfering withthe project. It should still be on their calendar.

Upper Hedding has a washed out area which is in need of repair. Grounds chairperson inquired about the expense and was reminded that there are funds in this year's budget for road repair. The committee will also be getting a large scale evaluation of older trees in the Institute for safety and possible disease. It was noted that we lost two trees over this past winter.

Purchase of a fairly new wood chipper was discussed but tabled for lack of information such as its capacity, age, maintenance, details on sharpening and safety equipment.

Electrical service is scheduled for installation soon and will include a pole in the park to receive the power lines and hold the electrical receptacles. This will be very helpful as we look forward to getting more use out of our Park facilities.

Bill spoke of a coordination of Marinas around the Lake, such as minimum standards and capacity statistics for our Lake.

Waterfront and Marina rentals including the Waiting List is being maintained in the SLI Office by Craig Bateman.

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) has completed the historical report for roads in the Institute. Next stage is publishing.

The new SLI Handbook is being finished up. It was suggested that Suzanne Bristow receive our sincere appreciation for her endless hours on these two projects for the past several years.

The Outreach plan by the LRPC for food collection at Stoody Hall was unanimously approved. Food and other needed items will be coordinated with the Wyoming County Community Action Center, 205 N. Main St., Perry.

The Chapman sign will be changed to read "Concerts on Friday Nights" instead of Thursdays.

The roof replacement on Epworth and other work to be covered under the grant SLI received is being delayed in Albany until September. July was possible but would not have worked with our ever-so-brief summer schedule. An updated discussion on moving all non-denominational services including the Inspirational Speakers Series into other facilities besides Epworth. It was also mentioned that we give serious consideration to not having any lit flames in the Epworth building such as candles. Rev. Greg was asked if he had an opinion on the subject. The retired chaplain said, "My colleagues and I have long preached that the church is not the building, the church is the people. I think that's all I should say about that."

The main meeting closed followed by a brief intermission and then an Executive Meeting followed with regard to bidding policy. 

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