Monday, April 22, 2019

Publisher Moves Newsletter
To a Week Day Schedule

by G. Franklin
It has been my pleasure to serve you with the news of the Silver Lake Institute and the Lake Community since 2010, and the community has provided  help in making this electronic publication possible. I would like to continue serving you in this way, but I would also like to exercise my musical talents in ways similar to what I have been doing since January to the present.

The Perry First UMC lost their choir director almost two years ago, followed by the loss of their organist, Martha Button, first to the illness of her husband, Merv, and then to his death this year. Their pianist has been experiencing some physical difficulties and I have been filling in on a regular basis since January and finding the work very enjoyable. They have asked me to be prepared for an unknown musical future there (resulting in their continued need of me) which I said I would remain prepared.

I hope to continue to worship during the summer at SLI and, at least for the present, continue the work that I have been doing for the Worship Committee if they would like me to continue. In the midst of it all, I have been enjoying being at family gatherings as my family continues to grow and develop. For these reasons, I am going to cut back on the Newsletter-Blog work to free up the weekends and see how well that works for me and for my readers.

I follow the ups and downs of readership regularity and have discovered the weekend to be a time of lower readership  than during the week. This is also compatible with when family members are available to get together since most are working a Monday through Friday schedule. I am looking forward to the change and hope you will continue to find my Monday through Friday schedule with the Newsletter as helpful and interesting as it has been on the 7-day schedule. Keep me posted. I will greatly appreciate it!

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