Friday, April 5, 2019

Overcoming New Tax Law,
Friday became a Personal Day; Saturday is a Day of Meetings

I was "finished" with my tax returns, using my usual and dependable Tax-Slayer software, when I decided to do a check beyond the usually-dependable software check. The first software check warned about a primary entry but gave no alternative or reference as to where it should now be entered. Then I started finding more discrepancies. Apparently, the tax software companies and the professional tax folks didn't get the changes in the new tax law until well into February. And the hope was that we could file on a postcard! That couldn't and didn't happen.

I had to seek help because my return was progressing beyond my ability to find and interpret the new law as it relates to the unique qualities of the clergy tax forms and even more troublesome, the retired clergy tax forms. Even though we are retired, we must report parts of our pension distribution as employee and other parts as self-employed.

I called the husband of one of our guest speakers who was at Epworth Hall last year. He is a clergy tax specialist. I was very happy to know he had time to accept me as a customer this year. It did, however, take all afternoon and evening to convert to the processes he uses. So I ended my long day with a high degree of confidence that I had made a good decision; although I don't know yet how much the taxes will rise, nor if I'll have to begin quarterly payments, but I have faith now the return will be right under the new law.

I hope to bring you a news update late tomorrow afternoon when the early monthly meetings are completed and I can finally sit down and write. I will be checking my email in case you have anything you want included in Saturday's late edition.

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