Monday, April 8, 2019

Observant SLI Board 'Visitor'
Writes 'Letter to the Editor'

Those who are residents of the Silver Lake Institute are aware that the only published article for yesterday was one penned by an SLI resident in response to the last full Board meeting of 2018 and the first full Board meeting of 2019. The writer points out how the Board handled the very same issue in the very same way two times in a row by taking no action.

On the surface this has a tendency of making little or no sense, but those who attended both of those meetings will recall that the Chairperson of the current Worship Commit-tee was not present at either Board meeting most likely because he is no longer a Trustee on the Board. And therein lies the drama.

The full story is on the password-protected SLI site which requires the current residential password to enter. Call if you are a resident without the password, 493-4003.

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