Friday, April 19, 2019

New Announcement Board Installed
on SLI Garage; Old Board, Next to
Ramp at Post Office, Removed

The 2019 season begins this year with an  old Announcement Board eliminated and a new one featured in a new location. 

The old self-post bulletin board which was installed a few feet north of the post office ramp, was very effective in terms of the number of people observing the notices on a daily basis. Posting of notices was simple and quick and allowed for different style such as poster-style advertising and "tear-off" or business card type postings. 

Among the problems centered around the old self-post board included its state of deterioration, its having been installed on the neighbor's property who didn't want it there, and there was no controlling of its contents which some saw as a feature while others classified it as a disadvantage.

The new announcement board is glass enclosed with key entrance, has movable letters for changing announcements, is comparable to the announcement board currently to the right (east) of the SLI office door. 

The new board is twice the size of the old board and is located at the opposite end of the SLI garage building which is also the opposite end of where the entrance to the building is located. Announcements need to be submitted to the Office Clerk to be posted on the board.

Any other rules regarding the new announcement board, will be published as soon as we become aware of them.

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