Saturday, April 27, 2019


The last ten years of White House Correspondents Dinners has been consistently more and more uncomfortable because it seemed more like the proverbial demon-possessed swine rushing unwittingly down into the river to their demise as opposed to genuine satire, humor, or irony. The hiring of comedians seemed as a never-ending trial to outdo the other with how to cross the line without being simply impolite and insubordinate. 

This is why tonight's invitation to the renowned historian, Ron Chernow, was a most refreshing change. Being one who enjoys history and particularly its application to the present and even possibly the future, Mr. Chernow's ability to draw the reality of the past into the present moment, makes it profoundly relevant and then -- surprise! -- very humorous was an absolute delight. Not only was it tremendously entertaining but was also classy when compared to the last few years. I hope this will be a sign of things to come. I will definitely be re-watching Ron Chernow's WHCD's 2019 presentation, as can be seen below.

Video needs to be manually stopped after the second standing ovation, or the video continues into a previous dinner.. Click on Mr. Chernow's picture to stop playing the video at any point.

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