Saturday, April 27, 2019

Don't You Just Love
Mother Nature's Sense of Humor?!

Three days before the month of May at 7:45 am, a coating of snow can be seen on the roof of Dean Chapman'sl place on the east side of Janes Avenue, half way between Genesee and Hamline. I remember the days when I could see all of Dean's cottage ....  By the way, Dean has been doing a yeoman's job of scraping and painting over at Pioneer Cabin grounds.

A light coating of snow sticks to the pile of leaves created a couple of weeks ago at the end of Haven Ave. I hope it doesn't kill off the rest of the grass at the end of the pavement. Snow flurries were noted at 8:15 am with a temperature of 31 degrees and windy (some would call it wintry)..

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