Thursday, April 18, 2019

Daily Newsletter to Take 2 Days Off this Weekend Attributing it to:
Easter with Family, Friends

This Saturday a special Birthday Party has been planned by my daughter and granddaughter to celebrate my son's 48th birthday and his grandson's first birthday, both of which fall on the same date in April. We have reserved the Fellowship Hall of the family's home church, Seneca UMC in West Seneca--now merged with Woodside UMC previously in South Buffalo and along with Seneca UMC, renamed together, "New Hope UMC." 

Our home church was remodeled to accommodate Woodside's pipe organ, baby grand piano, and communion railing. My first time observing the changes was at the time I officiated at my mother's funeral in October 2013. Most of the people I knew growing up there are gone and I barely recognize anyone. Nevertheless, there is a special joy having my family return to this special place that my grandparents, parents, sibling, and my own children attended before I accepted my first church as a student pastor in 1978. That's a 53-year span extending from about 1925 through July 1, 1978. My parents continued attendance there until their own passings.

The church was only five years old when my grandparents moved to West Seneca and joined. Their names are in the center front colored glass window facing State Route 16, just two blocks from Thruway Exit 54 and the Aurora Expressway. I would very much like to show that window to those in the family who would be interested to create a new bond, of sorts, or at least be part of a family photograph.

On Easter Sunday I will continue to be serving as accompaniment pianist at Perry First with Joanne Brocklehurst at the organ. In the afternoon I will be joining the Schuknecht's for Easter Dinner. I wish all of my family and friends, and particularly those friends of Silver Lake and Perry, a most blessed and Happy Easter!

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