Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Board Approves LRPC's Outreach Project with Assistance of WCCA

In a report to the Long Range Planning Committee, Chairperson Bob Cook told his committee volunteers, "Our outreach proposal got a positive approval at the Board meeting Saturday." Bob  has been working on this for the past year and the details finally came together well enough for a presentation to the Board.

The project is a cooperative effort with the Wyoming County Community Action organization, located on N. Main Street, opposite Simmons Road in Perry. The most visible part of the venture will be the food collection box which will be in Stoody Hall and available for deposit of non-perishable food items. These would be transported to the N. Main St. location for organized distribution to those in need. Bob continued,
I spoke with [SLI Resident] Rosemary Monday and she seemed very pleased with our support for Community Action. I’ll be meeting with her as soon as the cottage is opened which depending on the weather will be in the near future. I invited her to speak at the cottage owners meeting and also to attend the LRPC meetings, both of which got a positive response. 

Food collection containers are available which as previously discussed in LRPC would be placed at Stoody with an emphasis on the Saturday morning breakfast. Bob is hoping the LRPC can expand this into a very worth while endeavor for the surrounding communities.

Suzanne Bristow was recognized and applauded at the Board meeting for her extensive work on the handbook and on the street sign history.  The Street Sign History is currently planned to be published in a booklet format. The handbook is planned for use in a small size loose leaf binder, making changes easier, less expensive, and less time consuming.

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