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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Positions Available

     20 positions available for 
Watercraft Inspection Steward/Environmental Education

All Clouds, Daily Rain, but 2 Warm Days Leads Up to Weekend

RPO Wind Quintet Featured Opening Night of this Year's Silver Lake Experience Aug. 8

The RPO WIND QUINTET has performed many concerts and demonstrations in Rochester area primary school and community centers, at RPO Galas, and on the RPO Summer Serenade Series. This year the RPO Wind Quintet will be at the Performing Arts Center at Epworth Hall August 8, 2019. 

Specializing in programs that engage and inspire, the group’s varied and diverse repertoire ranges from the classical Western European tradition to works inspired by the traditional music of China, Cuba, Africa and the US. 

Composers who have written specifically for the wind quintet are Jacques Ibert, Paul Hindemith, Carl Nielsen, Fancis Poulenc, and Samuel Barber. The vast catalog of arrangements for quintet include repertoire of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, and Scott Joplin. The RPO Wind Quintet features Rebecca Gilbert,

UMC Court rulings escalate talk
of church split; Ohio college
breaks with denomination

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UMNS)* — Rulings by The United Methodist Church's top court on General Conference 2019 action have some church members celebrating and some planning exit strategies. Heather Hahn and UMNS* staff report on reactions to the rulings and what they might mean for the church's future.
Read story
Court OKs part of Traditional Plan, exit plan
Bishops' response to Judicial Council

BEREA, Ohio — Baldwin Wallace University's trustee board has voted unanimously to end the school's formal affiliation with The United Methodist Church. The April 26 decision came in response to General Conference's strengthening of bans against same-sex unions and ordination of LGBTQ persons as clergy. Sam Hodges has the story.
Read story

* UMNS - United Methodist News Service

Monday, April 29, 2019

Notre Dame Roof Reimagined
as a Giant Geenhouse

French firm Studio NAB’s concept replaces 

the cathedral’s iconic spire with a glassy apiary

Just a week after Notre Dame went up in flames, ideas around how to redesign the historic cathedral’s spire have already started cropping up, including this leafy concept from Studio NAB.
The French architecture studio showed off its design to turn the damaged roof of the cathedral into a giant greenhouse, complete with an apiary that takes the place of the spire. (some 180,000 bees that had been kept in wooden boxes on the cathedral’s roof survived the fire). The renderings show a gabled roof perched atop the stately church; its golden-hued steel frame is filled with glass panels.
Inside, the architects envision rows of planters built from burnt wood from the old church’s attic. The greenhouse and apiary would act as an education hub where people can learn about horticulture and urban agriculture.

This concept comes after a similarly glassy vision from Foster + Partners, whose design has been compared to an Apple Store. Stay tuned as the Notre Dame restoration efforts unfold.

Notre-Dame competition an extraordinary opportunity, says Norman Foster. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/sharp-british-ideas-for-notre-dame-80dpntdzj 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Unseasonably Cold Today but Accompanied by Sun, Blue Skies

Forty degrees isn't cold in the Western NY sense of the word, but nevertheless, it felt cold, perhaps because of the mild days we have been fortunate enough to enjoy/ Monday and Tuesday will have hi's of 53 and 54 respectively but only after an overnight of 25.

Good Friday Cross Walk Hosted April 19 By the Perry Area Ministerial Assn.

Pictured above are members of the Perry Community carrying the Cross during the annual Good Friday Cross Walk were Gabe Bucknam, Ted Warner (partially hidden), Charlie Kuhlkin, and Roy Griswold as they pass by the Perry Fire Hall and Village Hall.  
Photo and Story by M. Hotchkiss of The Perry Herald

The Annual Cross Walk started at Brick Presbyterian Church on North Main St. and proceeded to Holy Apostles Episcopal Church on South Main St. PAMA members present included: Pastor Mike Kuhlkin of Hope Chapel, Pastor Eric Kelly of Perry Center Congregational Church, Deacon Susan Firestine of Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, Rev. Tony Hipes of First United Methodist Church, and Pastor David Messinger of Fellowship of the Savior.

Community members participating were: Judy Hipes, Elise Kelly, Barb Vanelli, Ann Kanter, Jackie Charlie, and Rachel Kuhlkin, Fred Willis, Jim Evans, Tim. Ed, and Gabe Buckmann, Roy Griswold,  Ted, Samantha, and Landen Warner, Trinity, Rob, Destiny, Dylan and Kim Hopkins, Karen Wolcott, and Betsy Colon.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


The last ten years of White House Correspondents Dinners has been consistently more and more uncomfortable because it seemed more like the proverbial demon-possessed swine rushing unwittingly down into the river to their demise as opposed to genuine satire, humor, or irony. The hiring of comedians seemed as a never-ending trial to outdo the other with how to cross the line without being simply impolite and insubordinate. 

This is why tonight's invitation to the renowned historian, Ron Chernow, was a most refreshing change. Being one who enjoys history and particularly its application to the present and even possibly the future, Mr. Chernow's ability to draw the reality of the past into the present moment, makes it profoundly relevant and then -- surprise! -- very humorous was an absolute delight. Not only was it tremendously entertaining but was also classy when compared to the last few years. I hope this will be a sign of things to come. I will definitely be re-watching Ron Chernow's WHCD's 2019 presentation, as can be seen below.

Video needs to be manually stopped after the second standing ovation, or the video continues into a previous dinner.. Click on Mr. Chernow's picture to stop playing the video at any point.

The Rest of the Weekend ...

Courtesy of the Perry Herald

Silver Lake Area Eateries to Participate in Restaurant Week Beginning Tomorrow, April 28th

The Hole in the Wall Restaurant and the Lumber Yard Restaurant, both just blocks from the Silver Lake Community will be participating in the 4th Annual Wyoming County Restaurant Week which runs from April 28 through May 4. The celebration is a cooperative hosting effort between the Wyoming County Chamber and Tourism, the Warsaw Country Courier, the Arcade Herald, and WCJW radio.

Participating restaurants will offer a unique dish throughout Restaurant Week at the special price of $20.19, gratuity and tax not included. Each restaurant will create its own unique menu which could include anything from a single entree to a multi-course meal.

Other participating restaurants include Arcade Village Cafe; Chanderson's Steak and Seafood in Yorkshire; Glen Iris Inn in Letchworth State Park; Grateful Grille in Silver Springs; Hidden Valley Animal Adventure in Varysburg, Morluski's in Attica; Nellie's Restaurant in Arcade; Smoley's Bar and Grill in Java Center; and the Turkey Run Golf Course in Arcade.

"We have some of the best restaurants in Western New York right here in our backyard," said Scott Gardner, Chamber President, "and this is a great way to celebrate all athat they have to offer and encourage diners to try something new. Thanks to all the event partners and everyone who works to make this event a success."

More informaetion, weekly specials, and the full list of participating restaurants can be found by visiting Facebook or this special link: www.wyomingcountyrestaurantweek.com or by calling Wyoming County Chamber at (585)  786-0307.

Don't You Just Love
Mother Nature's Sense of Humor?!

Three days before the month of May at 7:45 am, a coating of snow can be seen on the roof of Dean Chapman'sl place on the east side of Janes Avenue, half way between Genesee and Hamline. I remember the days when I could see all of Dean's cottage ....  By the way, Dean has been doing a yeoman's job of scraping and painting over at Pioneer Cabin grounds.

A light coating of snow sticks to the pile of leaves created a couple of weeks ago at the end of Haven Ave. I hope it doesn't kill off the rest of the grass at the end of the pavement. Snow flurries were noted at 8:15 am with a temperature of 31 degrees and windy (some would call it wintry)..

Friday, April 26, 2019

Registration for Silver Lake Experience is Taking Place Now, Popular Workshops Fill Early

Many are looking forward to the exciting and relaxing days of the Silver Lake Experience. Don't wait for the workshops to fill up and close--register now!

Decorative White Posts Appear on Ames Walkway: Symbols of the
Warm Season to Come

While not wishing to rush the speed of time, most Lakers long for the summer days at Silver Lake and the signs of Spring are the first signs of the ensuing season. The yellow daffodils and wisteria are already in bloom and others are sprouting through the soil and left over fall leaves. We're watching now for the white blossoms of the Institute's few apple trees and other basic signs of life that will soon begin to prevail as April comes to a close early next week and the month of "May Flowers" begins.

Turning Colder this Afternoon, Possible Flurries Saturday, Mostly Sunday

This weekend will be a downturn from Spring warmth as a cold front enters the area throughout the day today and remains for the weekend. With it comes off and on rain, wind and snow flurries. Spring returns Monday.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Reminder: May Meeting of the SLI Trustees will be Held May 11th

The regular meeting of the SLI Trustees will be May 11th (the second Tuesday for this meeting) at 10 am. If a colder type day, we'll be at the garage, but if it warms up we may be at Hoag Memorial, Wesley Ave., corner of Lakeview Avenue.

Clearing, Breezy, Cooler,
but Sunny

Hi temperature for today (Wednesday) should rise to 54.. Thursday's hi forecast for 66.

Rev. Franklin Receives
Two Summer Invitations

Perry First UMC has asked Greg Franklin to bring special music on the last Sunday of June 2019. New Hope UMC in West Seneca has asked him to be one of two guest speakers at a special "Homecoming Service" on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 followed by a celebration banquet.

"I have usually felt the need to decline invitations during the summer weeks in order to fulfill my previous duties as Chaplain. Since retiring from the position, I am feeling a new sense of opportunity, though I still hope to spend most of my summer worshiping with friends at the Lake," he said. In addition, Rev. Franklin will also be speaking on May 5, 2019, at Perry First, at 10 am.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Forecast Thunderstorm Arrives

The Tuesday Thundershower arrived at 2:20 p.m. with only one roll of Thunder and one downpour. Thus ended the afternoon Thunderstorm.

Wanted to Buy:
Cottage and Waterfront

Soon to be retired couple 
looking to purchase cottage on Silver Lake. 
View and access to Lake A MUST! 
We can be reached at slyons5363@yahoo.com.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Contrasts of 'Nice' Days:
Tuesday Hi 72 with a PM T-Storm

at 10:22 am Monday

Publisher Moves Newsletter
To a Week Day Schedule

by G. Franklin
It has been my pleasure to serve you with the news of the Silver Lake Institute and the Lake Community since 2010, and the community has provided  help in making this electronic publication possible. I would like to continue serving you in this way, but I would also like to exercise my musical talents in ways similar to what I have been doing since January to the present.

The Perry First UMC lost their choir director almost two years ago, followed by the loss of their organist, Martha Button, first to the illness of her husband, Merv, and then to his death this year. Their pianist has been experiencing some physical difficulties and I have been filling in on a regular basis since January and finding the work very enjoyable. They have asked me to be prepared for an unknown musical future there (resulting in their continued need of me) which I said I would remain prepared.

I hope to continue to worship during the summer at SLI and, at least for the present, continue the work that I have been doing for the Worship Committee if they would like me to continue. In the midst of it all, I have been enjoying being at family gatherings as my family continues to grow and develop. For these reasons, I am going to cut back on the Newsletter-Blog work to free up the weekends and see how well that works for me and for my readers.

I follow the ups and downs of readership regularity and have discovered the weekend to be a time of lower readership  than during the week. This is also compatible with when family members are available to get together since most are working a Monday through Friday schedule. I am looking forward to the change and hope you will continue to find my Monday through Friday schedule with the Newsletter as helpful and interesting as it has been on the 7-day schedule. Keep me posted. I will greatly appreciate it!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Spring!
Happy Easter; Happy Passover

News Coverage Resumes on Monday

Embattled US Rep. Ilhan Omar tweets 'happy Passover'
U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is wishing "happy Passover" to Jews commemorating the holiday in her home state of Minnesota and around the world. Omar is a Somali American and one of the first Muslims elected to Congress. She's been criticized for remarks in recent months on ... (click on link above).
News Coverage Resumes on Monday

New Announcement Board Installed
on SLI Garage; Old Board, Next to
Ramp at Post Office, Removed

The 2019 season begins this year with an  old Announcement Board eliminated and a new one featured in a new location. 

The old self-post bulletin board which was installed a few feet north of the post office ramp, was very effective in terms of the number of people observing the notices on a daily basis. Posting of notices was simple and quick and allowed for different style such as poster-style advertising and "tear-off" or business card type postings. 

Among the problems centered around the old self-post board included its state of deterioration, its having been installed on the neighbor's property who didn't want it there, and there was no controlling of its contents which some saw as a feature while others classified it as a disadvantage.

The new announcement board is glass enclosed with key entrance, has movable letters for changing announcements, is comparable to the announcement board currently to the right (east) of the SLI office door. 

The new board is twice the size of the old board and is located at the opposite end of the SLI garage building which is also the opposite end of where the entrance to the building is located. Announcements need to be submitted to the Office Clerk to be posted on the board.

Any other rules regarding the new announcement board, will be published as soon as we become aware of them.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Silver Lake Institute Choir 1926;
SLI Choir 2019 will Sing Aug. 4th

Tonight through Saturday

Mostly Clear 71° at 7:00 pm Thursday.

Daily Newsletter to Take 2 Days Off this Weekend Attributing it to:
Easter with Family, Friends

This Saturday a special Birthday Party has been planned by my daughter and granddaughter to celebrate my son's 48th birthday and his grandson's first birthday, both of which fall on the same date in April. We have reserved the Fellowship Hall of the family's home church, Seneca UMC in West Seneca--now merged with Woodside UMC previously in South Buffalo and along with Seneca UMC, renamed together, "New Hope UMC." 

Our home church was remodeled to accommodate Woodside's pipe organ, baby grand piano, and communion railing. My first time observing the changes was at the time I officiated at my mother's funeral in October 2013. Most of the people I knew growing up there are gone and I barely recognize anyone. Nevertheless, there is a special joy having my family return to this special place that my grandparents, parents, sibling, and my own children attended before I accepted my first church as a student pastor in 1978. That's a 53-year span extending from about 1925 through July 1, 1978. My parents continued attendance there until their own passings.

The church was only five years old when my grandparents moved to West Seneca and joined. Their names are in the center front colored glass window facing State Route 16, just two blocks from Thruway Exit 54 and the Aurora Expressway. I would very much like to show that window to those in the family who would be interested to create a new bond, of sorts, or at least be part of a family photograph.

On Easter Sunday I will continue to be serving as accompaniment pianist at Perry First with Joanne Brocklehurst at the organ. In the afternoon I will be joining the Schuknecht's for Easter Dinner. I wish all of my family and friends, and particularly those friends of Silver Lake and Perry, a most blessed and Happy Easter!

News coverage for the Daily Newsletter resumes Monday, April 22, 2019.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sunny 62° at 4:10 pm Wednesday.
Sunny 59° at 5:28 pm Wednesday.
Cloudy 54° at 8:39 pm Wednesday.

Worship Committee Fully Engaged in Preparing Request to Trustees Making Stoody Hall Principle Worship Location

A flurry of emails has been occurring between Worship Committee members and their Chairperson, Don Weaver. The subject evolved around their perceived need to change the long standing location of the Worship services out of Epworth Hall. 

This change of location for worship services was made necessary when SLI contracted with NYS to accept a sizable grant which will replace the roof, upgrade the ventilation, repair and replace original electric lines showing considerable signs of wear. Drainage around the building and moisture within the lower level is another priority. Foundation work and wall straightening appears now to be included. 

"The Worship Committee has, in light of the Grantee Certification sent to the DACNY, [the] Worship Committee wish[es] to be proactive rather than reactive to the changes this will make in our programming," tentatively wrote Chairperson Don Weaver to the President of the Trustees, as he (the Chair) continues to receive comments and concerns from Worship Committee members.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

DEC Announces May 1 Opening of Spring Turkey Season

Annual Youth Turkey Hunting
Weekend Set for April 20-21

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced today that spring  turkey season opens May 1, in all of Upstate New York north of the Bronx-Westchester County boundary. In addition, DEC's annual youth turkey hunting weekend will take place on April 20-21. The youth turkey hunt for junior hunters ages 12-15 is open in all of Upstate New York and Suffolk County.

"Hunters across New York are looking forward to the excitement of spring turkey hunting, which requires an understanding of turkey behavior, navigation, and field skills, an ability to locate and call in birds, and take a good shot," Commissioner Seggos said. "I encourage hunters to act responsibly, follow regulations, and adhere to the cardinal rules of hunting safety."

Remember When ...

a 3-foot pile of leaves was a sign of Fall?

Beloved Buildings Like Notre Dame, Like Epworth Hall, Affect Us in Powerful Human Ways

In recent days and months, we have found reason to have considerable discussion on the subject of Epworth Hall and what it means to us in order to determine how flexible or inflexible our capabilities for change may be. 

In the midst of the potential destruction of the Cathedral today, many of those who were profoundly affected by the news of its potential total loss to be able to hear that the structure was in tact and the French President was able to announce that they would rebuild it, came as rejuvenating news.

Epworth Hall has, on more than one occasion, been in a state of disrepair or deterioration--a much slower process than fire but nevertheless a process of loss. The old Methodist Manor is a sad testimony to the reality of this type of loss. 

Shedding a tear or ignoring the potential answers to the prevailing problem(s) is a waste of time. The work of repair or rebuilding should always replace the ignoring of the problem or the simple refusing to do something about it. Procrastinating has been historically tried, and proven to be equally destructive.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral Burned; Tallest Spire, 2/3 Roof Lost; Structure,Two Towers, Front Rose Window Saved

A massive blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church. The iconic spire has fallen, and while the flames have been extinguished, it took 400 firefighters six hours to bring the fire under control.

As we went about our work, a live report came on the cable TV showing us the beginnings of a fire that burned for hours in Paris and still smoldered at 3 am Paris time. It was both a sad and yet spiritual experience but seriously regrettable for those in art, religion, and history. We are all so fortunate that so much was saved after witnessing what appeared to be catastropic loss.

Built in the 13th century, the medieval structure is considered a feat of architecture as much as a religious symbol. It is one of Paris' most popular attractions, drawing an estimated 13 million visitors a year.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Destructive Weather Forces
Pass-By Silver Lake;
Some Wind and Rain Remain

 Tornado Watch
Weather Updated: Apr 14 6:44PM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Wyoming County, New York


Updated: 9:50 am Monday

Severe Thunderstorm Warning Now
Moving into Central New York

UPDATE -- As of 10:30 pm, Silver Lake is not being hit hard. Temp has dropped to 43. As of 10:44 pm, future (projected) radar appears to tell the story of the bulk of the troublesome part of the storm is past us. There was no power failure at Silver Lake.

A severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for WNY counties including Wyoming County from 9:30 pm through 10:45 pm. Gusts to 60 mph. Anticipate property damage. Includes Livingston.

This is what is moving in (Radar) 9:56 pm (53 degrees):

Radar at 10:08 pm (53 degrees):

A Popular, Old Idea Suddenly Takes
on a New Life--A Park Gazebo, for a Cooler Concert or Gigantic Gatheriing


Once the program style and curriculum had been changed along with the name change of the Assembly to Institute in 1920, following the destruction of the uninsured amphitheater by fire in 1918, there was really no hope at that point for replacement. As the years past, however,  people and groups began to "dream the impossible dream" and speak about some sort of facility / shelter to be made available in the Park.

Just within the last three years, I have heard individual members from three of the Board's Committees start  up a conversation about the benefits of building a gazebo in the Park. The Program Committee member stressed the option of having one or more Friday night concerts under the gazebo in the Park so as to be able to take in the cooler breezes of the sunset as opposed to the closed indoor space of Epworth no matter how hot or humid.

The member of the Worship Committee pointed to last season's worship under the tent and spoke of how nice it was to worship in the great outdoors--at least on occasion. The member of Long Range Planning Committee from whom I heard made no bones about wanting to replace the 2500-seat amphitheater. I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the suggestion since we no longer have those size crowds. Nevertheless, there seems to be interest in utilizing the Park for some of our regular activities such as worship and concerts. Perhaps a gazebo seating between 150-200 would meet the needs of the current trends.

One of the suggestions included the adding of Victorian gingerbread to fit the Park and Historic District neighborhood. Stoody and Hoag serve the Institute well in the small group category but SLI could use a secondary and outdoor facility for the services and concerts that draw over 100.

Even the inspirational song, "To Dream the Impossible Dream" is filled with illustrations of overcoming the impossible and turning our dreams into realities. Let's at least keep the conversations going for the sake of serving people in the best of ways.

Comment 1
Nancy Sellar

I I have been thinking about the proposed idea for a structure in Burt Park to use for concerts and outdoor worship services. As we consider returning the space to its earliest usage, let us not lose sight of the park as our only recreational space.  With   most cottages on lots that were originally for tents and only 33 feet wide, resident teens and children don’t have much outdoor space to run around and to play games. For the past 100 years, ever since the amphitheater burned down, Burt Park has provided those opportunities, and has been the recipient of equipment for this purpose; swings, slide, tether-ball, ball field backstop, basketball hoop etc. Any plan to situate a new structure must  take these needs into account. A sizable gazebo will be in use only a few hours a week during two summer months at most, while the open space is used at many different times daily throughout the year.

Careful planning and landscape architecture could accommodate both purposes. Let’s be sure that all stake-holders are represented in th.e planning process.       Nancy Sellar

Comment 2
Greg Franklin

I I agree with you 100%. We very much need to maintain the limited Park / Recreational space we currently have in Burt Park. This includes maintaining the integrity of the baseball diamond since it's currently the only one we have. It probably would be valuable exercise to evaluate our current use of undeveloped property. Once upon a time, the Institute had a baseball diamond and visitor bleachers with overhead up in the Meadow area right before the Land-Fill. It's a beautiful area experiencing extremely limited use.
  Secondly, if this IS a defensible and useful project, the question needs to be raised: What current committee could sucessfully draw up a plan and nurture that plan through the Trustees to fruition? Those who see the wisdom for the project are also the same folks who are already immensely involved in busy committees. I wonder if a Task Force whose sole attention is on this project might be the better way to go.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Mark Emmerson Conducts First Meeting of Silver Lake Association's New Season

Following the Pledge of Allegiance this morning, April 13th, in the upstairs meeting room at The Club [Restaurant], Guest Speaker Katie McArdle brought an update on next month's Silver Serpent Triathlon coming to Silver Lake on June 2nd. Asbury Retreat Center is the host and information tables will be set up in Epworth Hall for the Association, the Institute, the Experience, and the Retreat Center the two days prior to the races. 

The Triathlon itself will be exciting viewing and entertainment on June 2nd. Maps of the Races (Swim, Bike, Run) are as follows:

ACWC Art Gallery Gets New Curator; Jaimeson Riling started Friday, April 5

Wyoming County's new Gallery Curator and Promotions Staff is Jaimeson Riling from Olean, NY, who is not new to the Silver Lake-Perry area. He was the Director of the Rural Arts Center a few years ago before it had to close due to lack of funds.

Temperature Hits 62 degrees
Shortly before 3:00 pm

Saturday has turned out to be a great Spring day in April. It has been mostly sunny and definitely dry. Tomorrow is forecast as mostly cloudy with rain.

David Spinks will Serve this
Year as a Senior Captain

Perry Police Officer David Spinks, also serving in the Perry Fire Dept., has been designated as a Firematic Senior Captain in the PFD. Mayor Rick Hauser administered the Oath of Office to all those holding an office and being renewed and those being given new areas of responsibility. Residents of Silver Lake thank members of the all area Fire Departments who support one another and area residents in saving property and lives.

Former SLI Resident Dakota Spink Receives Honors at Annual Banquet

Dakota Spinks, former resident of Genesee Ave., Silver Lake Institute, has been designated as the Firematic Officer of Jr. Captain. In addition, Jr. Captain Spink was awarded the Dan Shaw Memorial Training Award and Fireman of the Year at the 79th Annual Firemen's Banquet Saturday, April 6th.

Life as a Weather Forecaster

Some are predicting a mostly cloudy day today while others predict a most sunny day. Most are agreeing that there is a zero (0) percent chance of precipitation, while others will never go that far. Most will also agree to a high temperature range right around 59 degrees today. All seems to agree that today will be the best day of the weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Talk of Ending Religious Activities in Epworth Stimulates Creative Thinking For Hope and Inspiration at Epworth

After the Court proceeding for SLI independence was complete on February 2, 2016, photographer Kathy Schaefer snapped the above photo of the SLI Trustees and Lawyer standing in front of the Judge's bench for the purpose of an historical photo. From left right are Greg Franklin, Roger Covell, Bill Schaefer, Pete Mairs, and Mike Kelly, Esq.
The Silver Lake Institute was a part of the United Methodist Church until February 2, 2016, when in the State Supreme Court located in Warsaw, NY, SLI was granted the final decree upon which the re-statement of their charter was approved. SLI is now an independent, 501c3 nonprofit organization. Under the NYS DEC, SLI is also designated as a municipality because of the self-governing feature of the charter.

Being a part of the Church for 159 years (144 of which have been spent at Silver Lake), the need to be totally self-supporting wasn't as urgent as our sister organization, the Chautauqua Institute which maintained its independence from its beginning. This attracted philanthropists and caused the organization to become more non-denominational, non-parochial, well rounded, and better prepared to address faith and worship in broad, unoffensive terms many decades before it ever was thought through at the Silver Lake Institute.

Now that the Silver Lake Institute is independent and accepting NYS government grants, it is now time to transition to an independent, institute model of dealing with faith and religion. Most of this model is in dealing with careful labeling, creative and inspirational language, and careful, cautious planning of content which would meet the new Epworth standard.

The SLI Lake-wide Memorial Service already lends itself well to this thinking. We will encourage Silver Lakers to write inspirational thoughts which are either already in their hearts or which they have heard elsewhere to be used in Epworth while we preserve the use of Scripture for use in other locations. One example is the beloved reading done by Walt and Gene Barger which we use several times during the season.

When praying in Epworth, we should reference prayers prayed by the American Indians which do not usually use the well known names of God, but utilize more of the work and comfort of the "Generous Creative [or Rejuvenating, or Redemptive, or Empowering, etc.] Presence of the Universe." This exercise, alone, can be inspirational as we seek to name the "God of our faith" in new and exciting ways. Some folks love the simple benediction, "May the Force be with You" as each one present thinks about the "Force" in their lives which leads them from day to day. The Hebrews had many names they used for God. We can learn a lot from them.

I am going to begin a list of secular music which I have found profoundly moving in my lifetime and could be very inspirational used in an Epworth "service." Who wouldn't be moved and inspired over a Memorial Service containing the song, "When You Walk Through A Storm" and its beautiful closing line, "You'll never walk alone"? Or how about "To Dream the Impossible Dream"? or "Climb Every Mountain." I would invite you to join me in creating this list by offering your own suggestions of inspirational secular music.

The British Rock Version:

You will find it additionally uplifting when you are able to read your own words as part of the Silver Lake Group that gathers for the new style of ministry at Epworth; or to sing one of your suggested songs that lift you up along with others by your choice of meaningful music.

Do not spend your time getting discouraged over the supposed limitations of Epworth. Instead, let us begin to think, plan, and aim toward a new, exciting and inspirational future when we gather at Epworth.

Colleen M. (Palmer) Falgiano, sister of Silver Lake's Christine (Brandon Brown) Cygan Succumbed to Illness April 8th

Colleen M. Falgiano
Colleen M. (Palmer) Falgiano, age 50, of Perry formerly of Wappingers Falls, NY passed away on Monday, April 8, 2019 at her home surrounded by her family. She was born in Carmel, NY on April 15, 1968 a daughter to Sharon (Cipolla) Hoerle and Leonard K. Palmer.

Colleen was a receptionist and the kitchen manager for many years for Hyatt Hotel and Resort in Wappingers Falls. She then became a cosmetologist and worked for Hair Liberation in Courtland Manor, NY up until her illness. She was a member of the New Testament Church in Perry. 

Colleen enjoyed reading, cooking, listening to music, she loved animals especially beagles and spending time with her family and friends.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Tax 'Reprieve'

For only the second time in my life, I have had to accept an extension to the tax deadline. I have just learned that my latest change in tax preparation software was relatively easy to use because it was not all that comprehensive in the asking of its questions.

Light Snow Showers Today
Supported by Mid-30s, No Sun

Winter coats were back on as the garb of the day since the air temperature spent quite a bit of time in the low 30s and progressed only into the mid 30s by early afternoon. There has been only a slight accumulation mainly on roofs but another few warm days are on the way.

The late afternoon was dry and brought, at first, filtered sunlight which eventually became full sun and the temperature eventually made it to 40.

Let Us Know ...
People, Dates, Location

Saturday Looks to be a Fairly Nice Day; Friday Comes in at Second Place

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Worship Committee Responsible for Day,Time, Place, Content of Services;
Visions offered of New Pavilion in Park

All of the busy and able workers of the Silver Lake Institute have been thrilled at the announcement of the three recent grants awarded to the Silver Lake Institute to be used against the expenses incurred at Epworth Hall this year. 

These expenses include: a very necessary new roof, repair of the foundation, straightening the building from its lean, elimination of moisture in the basement, the re-installation of storm drainage around the building, and the replacement of badly worn electrical wire, in addition to better lighting and a few more electrical receptacles. Many, if not most of these would be covered under the grant(s), according to the architects.

At this point and time, the replacement of the floor is not covered in any of the grants.

Along with talk of grants, just naturally comes talk of potential restrictions as to what the building use might be limited to.  Let's include the following in the discussions:

(1) The recruiter and scheduler on the worship committee has been submitting an increasing number of outdoor services as opposed to Epworth Hall for the simple reason that attendance has been better outdoors. So far the committee and the Board has been approving these plans which actually resemble a time in the SLI history before Epworth was used for worship.

10:45 am - Currently having a Snow Shower. It's 34 and cloudy. High Thursday: 50. Snow Shower over at 10:55 am.

SLE to Make Registration Available at Epworth Hall on Triathlon Weekend

In a recent meeting of the Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee, it was announced that SLE will now be able to offer registrations on May 31 and June 1, 2019. These are the two days before the Sunday official Triathlon event. There will be about 20 displays in Epworth Hall on those first two days when a couple hundred people will be roaming the grounds, looking us over and looking for something to do. 

Having information and sales tables inside Epworth for SLI, SLA, SLE, and Asbury Retreat Center, along with the volunteer's personal yard sale tables will give them something valuable to do opposite the Retreat Center. Advertisements for the Lake-wide Yard Sale will direct people not only to private residences, but mainly to Burt Park and the SLI Greenway along Lakeview Avenue. The times are: 
May 31 (10 am to 4 pm) and 
June 1 (9 am to 3 pm).

Institute History has its Ups & Downs, Sometimes even Repeats Itself;
Is God Doing a New Thing at Epworth?

The lowest points both in Institute history and in our own lives, often turn out to be the birth of a new chapter of opportunity in our lives. We are at that time of year when the winter has left behind very few signs of evident life; just look at the barren trees, spent leaves on the ground, and the once green elements that a couple of seasons ago radiated great natural beauty.

But look more closely ... some trees are dripping sap, some leaves have retained their shape and color, and even among the gray leaves--if you look carefully enough--you will recognize the budding of new life popping up through what had at first appeared only as spent beauty and death.

Every Spring, Mother Nature gets to demonstrate over and over that a part of the meaning of life is somewhat like the old saying--The Night is the darkest just before the Dawn! We often feel our worst not too long before the healing brings a feeling close to our best.

My daffodil buds have indeed pushed up through the leaves and they were rewarded for their efforts by the neighbor clearing the leaves away from them today so the fullness of the sunshine for which they long can penetrate their eager chlorophyll cells. Yet, I must be patient with anticipation for their delicious yellow beauty not quite ready for their time to bring joy to the hearts of humans.

This year, Spring lines up a little more perfectly with the Christian accounts of Jesus' last days on earth. Next week is what we call Holy Week because it is a "unique" week. A week that examines Jesus' highest of highs, and also his lowest of lows resulting in his winter of death. Even the most skeptical of believers will at least pause to consider the meaning and definition of "his rising" to even richer and fuller opportunities for ministry, understanding, and compassion to and for others.

The Institute was as near to death as it could be once upon a time and hope seemed dim. But at the very depth of despair, the spirit of one raised up hope and opportunity for many and the Institute was "risen" to a new life, beginning with the renewed youth program in 1908.