Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunshine, Solid Ice Draws Fishermen
in Significant Numbers

Yesterday, a late morning drive south on the Silver Lake Road beginning at Oatka going south, then onto Walker and continuing on Euclid and the Lakeview Avenues showed just how popular Saturday was for those interested in ice fishing. More than a usual number of parked vehicles along the way. There was quite an array of fisher-people both in and out of shelters. Those outside of shelters provided additional entertainment for watchers. Today's popularity may also be the result of the 2019 season slowly edging to a close, if only by the calendar.

We have been hearing of fishing tournaments, but we have not heard about their dates or results, and particularly have not heard of Silver Lakers participating and under whose sponsorship. Anyone having any information such as sponsors, winners or runners up, dates, or even upcoming opportunities, feel free to email the information for publication here in the daily newsletter (

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