Thursday, March 28, 2019

SLDN Looks Forward to Upcoming 'History of SLI Street Names' and
Latest Edition of SLI Handbook

I first became acquainted with some of the SLI street names' history as I was gathering historical information for my Consolidated History of the Silver Lake Institute which I published in my previous blog which was under the auspices of SLI, nearly nine years ago. That history is in the process of being put into booklet form by request. The SLI Board approved an in depth history of street names created by (the Rev.) Rodney Jones who turned his cottage over to his son a few years ago. Suzanne Bristow is the transcriber and typist of Rodney's research and hand-written directory of street names' history. I marvel at her capacity for hard work on behalf of the Institute and Lake Community. We will be listening for an update as this new season progresses.

The Silver Lake Daily Newsletter (formerly The Blog) has electronically published the Silver Lake Institute's 2002 SLI Handbook for over five years. Because of sitting on the Long Range Planning Committee (LRP) which is the one that volunteered to update and rewrite the new SLI Handbook which the committee accomplished. Now all of Suzanne Bristow's long hours of work will proceed through the Executive Committee and on to the Full Board. We will learn very soon at which stage this is at.

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